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Riyadth Al-Kazily
Riyadth Al-Kazily6:58 PM

Looks like the useful stuff starts in section 6

James Sovick
James Sovick6:59 PM

Around pg 90

Riyadth Al-Kazily
Riyadth Al-Kazily7:31 PM

Ideas for strategies:

Riyadth Al-Kazily
Riyadth Al-Kazily7:31 PM

Easily maneuverable robot (maybe light weight?)

Riyadth Al-Kazily
Riyadth Al-Kazily7:31 PM

Allows us to avoid shots on our robot

Riyadth Al-Kazily
Riyadth Al-Kazily7:32 PM

Heavy robot that is very stable

Riyadth Al-Kazily
Riyadth Al-Kazily7:32 PM

Tall robot to block shots into our alliance partners

Riyadth Al-Kazily
Riyadth Al-Kazily7:33 PM

Ability to move the trailer without moving the robot, so that we can dodge shots against us.

Riyadth Al-Kazily
Riyadth Al-Kazily7:34 PM

Prevent other team from scoring on us.

Riyadth Al-Kazily
Riyadth Al-Kazily7:34 PM

Heavy robot could push opponent robot towards our shooter

Riyadth Al-Kazily
Riyadth Al-Kazily7:35 PM

(Trailer is considered a game piece, may be able to push it against a wall)

Riyadth Al-Kazily
Riyadth Al-Kazily7:35 PM

(Cannot slam into a robot, intentionally or not)

Riyadth Al-Kazily
Riyadth Al-Kazily7:37 PM

Human player could have an enormous amount of impact on the game

Riyadth Al-Kazily
Riyadth Al-Kazily7:37 PM

Have human players practice every single day

Riyadth Al-Kazily
Riyadth Al-Kazily7:38 PM

Instead of attacking other robots, could make a robot that collects moon rocks for human players

Riyadth Al-Kazily
Riyadth Al-Kazily7:38 PM

Ferry balls around

Riyadth Al-Kazily
Riyadth Al-Kazily7:41 PM

It is advantageous to score Super Cells in the last 20 seconds of the match

Riyadth Al-Kazily
Riyadth Al-Kazily7:42 PM

Super Cells can only be obtained by ferrying Empty Cells from the outpost to the fueling station

Riyadth Al-Kazily
Riyadth Al-Kazily7:45 PM

It will be important to determine the usable capacity of the trailer. If it gets full of Moon Rocks, then no Super Cells will fit at the end.

Riyadth Al-Kazily
Riyadth Al-Kazily7:47 PM

Ball is 9 inches in diameter, Diameter of trailer (posts) is 25 inches in diameter, with a center post taking up some space too. So the trailer space is only slightly larger than the ball.

Riyadth Al-Kazily
Riyadth Al-Kazily7:48 PM

Robot shooter: Single ball strategy vs multi-ball strategy

Riyadth Al-Kazily
Riyadth Al-Kazily7:48 PM

Does robot shoot only on stationary targets, or on mobile targets?

Riyadth Al-Kazily
Riyadth Al-Kazily7:52 PM

If we build a robot that can successfully shoot on a moving target, would it help us get picked for an alliance?

Riyadth Al-Kazily
Riyadth Al-Kazily7:59 PM

Have a robot with as much traction as possible, by using as many ROVER WHEELS as possible.

Riyadth Al-Kazily
Riyadth Al-Kazily8:05 PM

Could start with 20 Moon Rocks in the Outpost, for maximum effect, since it is difficult (impossible?) to provide more balls to the Outpost.

Riyadth Al-Kazily
Riyadth Al-Kazily8:06 PM

Can a team start with 7 balls in their robot, and more than 13 balls with their human player? (other team giving balls to our human player?)

Riyadth Al-Kazily
Riyadth Al-Kazily8:11 PM

<G20>-C: MOON ROCKS can be recycled to the PAYLOAD SPECIALISTS by passing them
over/through the AIRLOCK and through the FUELING PORT in the Alliance Station
Wall, or by passing them through the port in the OUTPOST shield.

Riyadth Al-Kazily
Riyadth Al-Kazily8:12 PM

So Moon Rocks can be ferried to the Outpost from the alliance wall.

Riyadth Al-Kazily
Riyadth Al-Kazily8:14 PM

In the last 20 seconds of a match, where should our robot go, and what should it do? The opponents may try to score on us with Super Cells

Parker Hutchinson
Parker Hutchinson8:15 PM

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Riyadth Al-Kazily
Riyadth Al-Kazily8:35 PM

Excellent session today! Remember to contribute your strategy ideas to this list.

Riyadth Al-Kazily
Riyadth Al-Kazily8:35 PM

Practice shooting baskets tonight. And if you have an approximately 9-inch ball, bring it to the meeting tomorrow.

Riyadth Al-Kazily
Riyadth Al-Kazily8:37 PM

The goal tomorrow will be to condense and prioritize the list of strategy ideas so that the team could go into a design phase, where actual robot features are created.

Riyadth Al-Kazily
Riyadth Al-Kazily8:38 PM

For example, if "be maneuverable to prevent opponent scores on our alliance" is strategy number one, then the engineering focus will be to research what is important for maneuverability and find ways to implement those features.

Riyadth Al-Kazily
Riyadth Al-Kazily8:39 PM

But it is important to decide if maneuverability is more important than being a large blocking robot, or a heavy, hard to push around robot.

Kevin Hawkins
Kevin Hawkins9:00 PM

One strategic idea: be powerful to be able to move other bots bumper to bumper

Enrique Chee
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Mike Rosen
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Chris Mentzer
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Riyadth Al-Kazily
Riyadth Al-Kazily11:48 AM

I realized that we didn't talk much about the autonomous period. I see in the manual the the starting positions ("Launch Pads") for each robot is right in front of the opposing team's fueling station or outpost. That means if our robot does nothing, it will be a sitting duck for hand-thrown moon rocks. So what should the robot do in that time period? Head toward friendly territory? Drive around in circles crazily? Try an pin an opponent's robot in one of our fueling stations?

Riyadth Al-Kazily
Riyadth Al-Kazily11:50 AM

Also, how important is it for our robot to be easily reloaded with moon rocks by a human player? Is it better to just focus on picking up pieces from the game field directly? The choices should be prioritized because there may be only enough time to work on one way to collect balls.

Kate Treviño-Yoson
Kate Treviño-Yoson1:10 PM

I think driving around in crazy, random circles might be best to avoid robots that have vision capabilities.

Bill Bandrowski
Bill Bandrowski5:36 PM

Team, unfortunately, I am not able to make it tonight – it was great working with you yesterday! Regarding strategy, you may consider an offensive strategy to rack up points by taking advantage of a large basket on top the robot to collect and hold human-thrown balls. The balls can be released down a chute when the robot is in position next to the opponent’s trailer. This may be more effective than trying to throw the balls into their trailer. Good luck. See you on Saturday. Bill Bandrowski

Lia Johansen
Lia Johansen9:45 AM

Practice play out:
Getting gears. Starting from wall: about 4 (teleo-op) + 1 on station + 1 in autonomous (60 points)
Robot can hold about... 100 balls
Be sure to limit the balls given to opposing side
2 feet lift off the ground to reach the touch pad

Lia Johansen
Lia Johansen9:49 AM

Autonomous: 1 gear (60 points) + crossing line (5 points) = 65 points
or... 10 fuels to start with: 3 points(3 kPa) bottom or 10 points top (10 kPa)

Riyadth Al-Kazily
Riyadth Al-Kazily9:49 AM

(2 feet of lift is for the tall-format robot only. The short robot would have to climb higher..)

Ethan Rininger
Ethan Rininger9:58 AM

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Lia Johansen
Lia Johansen9:59 AM

Fuel: 180 points, 180 kPa (max) high goal
Gears: 200 points (max) + 1 ranking with full (autonomous usage of rotary)
No autonomous -- 160 points

Lia Johansen
Lia Johansen10:03 AM

Strat idea: Be a position shoot bot. Other bots feed you fuel. Would be a popular robot

Jim Carr
Jim Carr10:44 AM

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Riyadth Al-Kazily
Riyadth Al-Kazily10:52 AM

It could be an advantage to have a robot that runs to all the fuel bins and releases them onto the ground, if the robot can collect balls from the ground easily and the opponents all depend on loading a hopper from the chute...

Brian Hilst
Brian Hilst10:58 AM

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Lia Johansen
Lia Johansen1:20 PM

Gear delivering in auto and in teleop

Lia Johansen
Lia Johansen1:26 PM

Gear delivering +
being able to fill other robots (feed them balls)

Alex Larson Freeman
Alex Larson Freeman2:01 PM

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Clio Batali
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Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee8:25 PM

Chokehold, that is the term I was referring to. See this link. http://www.simbotics.org/files/pdf/effectivefirststrategies.pdf

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee8:26 PM

►A strategy which, when executed, guarantees
victory, independent of any action by your
►Determining if one exists should be the first
step in game analysis
►FIRST tries to design games with no
reasonable chokehold strategy
►If one exists, it will be very difficult to perform
►Pulling three goals - Team 71, Beatty & Hammond
(2002), Deflecting Balls? (2010)
►133, 134 (2011) – Why are these numbers
►Try to find one single, finite task that
overwhelms all other possible ways of

Mike Rosen
Mike Rosen9:47 PM

Our approach today focused on limiting ourselves to prioritizing two subsystems -- we picked Gear handling and Climbing. Certainly, my instinct is to prioritize conservatively like this. In contrast, I read the following comment from a very experienced poster on the "Fuel seems undercosted" thread on Chief Delphi. He argues that there will be teams who manage to score all the gears with time left over.

"Also, fuel has an effectively infinite scoring potential, whereas gears are finite. True, the gears limit is relatively high and will take many alliances the full match or more to reach, but others will be able to finish them off with plenty of time to spare. In these matches, where both alliances do this, fuel will be the difference maker.

"Additionally, there's two very key differences between fuel and most recent shooting tasks: the ball is tiny compared to the robot, and storage is unlimited. Unlike recent games, and especially unlike last year, where you had to make every shot count, pure rate of fire is arguably more important than actual accuracy, and the size difference opens up some interesting possible ways to make this happen."


Mike Rosen
Mike Rosen9:54 PM

Oh, and there's a "fuel vs gears" discussion there as well: https://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=153173.

3019 in Arizona is thinking a lot like us.

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee10:08 PM

thanks for posting mrosen

Rose Bandrowski
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