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Luke Frank
Luke Frank8:15 PM

Roles right now: Dozer:moves,traps, blocks.
Courier: ferries cells, avoids being pinned.

Alex Larson Freeman
Alex Larson Freeman8:59 PM

:alexlf: Great meeting everyone! I'll add to the list: Scoring robots! - include priorities such as dumping rocks into trailers, firing from distance, catching from human player, delivering to human players.... Feel free to add and discuss!

Enrique Chee
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Kenneth Wiersema
Kenneth Wiersema6:51 AM

Found this on Chief Delphi, 19 balls stacked with some impaled . https://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/photos/32251

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Paul Vibrans
Paul Vibrans4:48 PM

It looks like the most reliable scheme for loading moon rocks is a robot pressed against the boards at the outpost with a feed hopper just below the loading port.

Alex Larson Freeman
Alex Larson Freeman4:51 PM

that makes sense, is it viable to chase down moon rocks on the field?

Paul Vibrans
Paul Vibrans4:54 PM

There will be lots of moon rocks on the field. Bulldozing them to the air lock might be more reliable than trying to pick them up. A pickup device can't extend beyond the bumpers.

Alex Larson Freeman
Alex Larson Freeman4:55 PM

ok, so that would mean your robot could push moon rocks into the loading areas and then get them from human players?

Paul Vibrans
Paul Vibrans4:56 PM

A good throwing human player behind the air lock is worth gold

Alex Larson Freeman
Alex Larson Freeman4:56 PM

the thing I would worry about is that the more time human players spend giving moon rocks to robots, the less time they will have to score in opposing trailers

Paul Vibrans
Paul Vibrans4:57 PM

Good point.

Paul Vibrans
Paul Vibrans4:58 PM

I was thinking of a robot that could reliably dump a bin of rocks into a trailer after bumping into it.

Alex Larson Freeman
Alex Larson Freeman4:59 PM

that sounds like it would be very effective, especially since it could be reloaded all at once

Alex Larson Freeman
Alex Larson Freeman4:59 PM

that way the human players can spend more time scoring

Dana Batali
Dana Batali5:00 PM

Dana Batali
Dana Batali5:01 PM

i would agree that a bump and dump approach sounds like a high-scoring solution

Alex Larson Freeman
Alex Larson Freeman5:01 PM

Thanks Dana

Alex Larson Freeman
Alex Larson Freeman5:01 PM

do you think a scoring robot would be more useful than a dozer/blocking robot?

Alex Larson Freeman
Alex Larson Freeman5:02 PM

or could a scoring robot be made so that it could also block? Maybe make it really tall?

Dana Batali
Dana Batali5:06 PM

I haven’t yet had a chance to estimate scoring comparisons… Other than practical engineering constraints, I don’t see why a dump-shooter couldn’t also play a role of dozer or blocker

Alex Larson Freeman
Alex Larson Freeman5:07 PM

I think our best bet all-around may be that kind of robot, the other roles we discussed seem too specialized by comparison

Paul Vibrans
Paul Vibrans5:12 PM

A dozer needs to be wide and consequently short. This might turn out to be difficult to get away from the boards after crashing into the fueling station.

Alex Larson Freeman
Alex Larson Freeman5:14 PM

and we probably will crash

Kenneth Wiersema
Kenneth Wiersema5:15 PM

Here's something on the driving issue, but the robot will have to act like a spaceship to workhttps://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=71037&page=10&highlight=Lunacy+trailer

Alex Larson Freeman
Alex Larson Freeman5:23 PM

So I guess thrusters aren't allowed

Kenneth Wiersema
Kenneth Wiersema5:29 PM

I don't think so, but they were saying that you couldn't get enough force out of a fan to work, and I found a rule prohibiting anything other than wheels touching the field. What I mean by a rocket is that it starts moving, and after it goes a distance it needs to create a force in the opposite direction of travel to bring the robots velocity down to zero, then turn and start going again.

Peter Hall
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Kenneth Wiersema
Kenneth Wiersema9:38 AM

Kenneth Wiersema
Kenneth Wiersema9:53 AM

You can only access the file via frogrock account

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Ethan Rininger
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@Ethan Rininger set the channel purpose: best group

Alex Larson Freeman
Alex Larson Freeman9:57 AM

Thanks Dana! Lots of good mechanism ideas from the 2006 game, looks like polycord could be very useful

Alex Larson Freeman
Alex Larson Freeman10:23 AM

https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLoqa6BeehDQCD7guJELJPEO4f0VPFb8z7 this should automatically add each update video from Robot in 3 Days

Rose Bandrowski
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