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Yo yo yo guys :alexlf:

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Bo, good idea to post notes . Please suggest to the other groups !

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Whats up group #1 ?

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Hey team, unfortunately I won't be there tonight or at kickoff as I will out of town attending to my mom who is having surgery tomorrow. I will try to follow along on slack and will rejoin u on Sunday.

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2017-01-05 18:07:15

Ok best wishes John.thanks for letting us know

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Ri3D 1.0 - Bo Indiana - Chris R oRyon - Jack Snow Problem - Andrew Redacted - Alex Tesla - Julian GreenHorns - Declan SAIT - Connor Week 6 - Robert Zou Keepers - Sophie Team NI - Jacob

joncoonan (
2017-01-07 15:56:51

Chassis - Drivetrain - Jon Strategy - Andrew Cycle time - Scoring calculator - Balls v. gears - Declan Vision -

The MilkenKnights
chrisrin (
2017-01-07 17:33:28

Here's a RI3D quick assessment that generally aligns with our current direction - pretty short & worth watching:

} Robot in 3 Days (
bodbaird (
2017-01-07 18:00:36

I was assigned to study Ri3D 1.0 and I gathered from that Video that they showed caution towards the gear scoring method. In addition they think that defense is going to be a big part of the game.

chrisrin (
2017-01-07 19:20:13

Agree about their projected major impact of defense on gear scoring. I think that's partly why they made climbing top priority... that and he fact that climbing is a predictable repeatable activity worth pretty big points.

chrisrin (
2017-01-07 19:49:51

Looking at CD, some folks are anticipating a rule clarification: if rotor 1 scored in auto for 60 points then you don't get 40 more points for that rotor at end of tele. So auto achievement of rotor 1 is really worth only 20 more than if you wait until tele. Some teams are thinking you get both the 60 and the 40

jack (
2017-01-07 20:26:55

I just watched someone spend 10 minutes whacking a piece of square tubing back and forth under a saw to get it just right, then cut it and realize it was the wrong size

jack (
2017-01-07 20:27:49

anyway, I'm not sure what oRyon's strategy is exactly. they haven't published a recap video yet, if that's what we're supposed to be watching. I'm viewing the shop livestream, but they're not talking general strategy

andrew_peterson (
2017-01-07 21:54:18

Snow problem is approaching the game at a more hybrid type robot. They are using a static shoot and placement mechanism for the gears and are making a hopper system that could hold from 50 to 100 balls at once. They are also using an idea where they create loop in the rope and use the intake system to climb

chrisrin (
2017-01-07 22:45:39

Pretty interesting passive gear collector from RI3D Indiana:

} Ri3d Indiana (
chrisrin (
2017-01-07 22:47:53

@bodbaird, I recommend checking out that Facebook page above for RI3D Indiana to see how they built their practice game elements as well - some good pics

coachchee (
2017-01-07 23:11:50

Thanks Chris

chrisrin (
2017-01-07 23:21:38

Also @bodbaird, you may have seen this, but from CD here are some already prep'd wood cuts for the game elements: They're DWG files - not sure what you need to open them.
jack (
2017-01-08 10:37:26

oRyon is going for a six-wheel design, but the front two are omni wheels. it's extremely low to the ground. they have a taller-sized robot that can climb and intake fuel with a row of mecanum+omni flywheels, and shoot it from an apparently fixed-position high shooter

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2017-01-08 11:12:26

Ok, the Green Horns seem to be building a robot that does everything, they think that gears are important but that you also need extra point capabilities. They have a very interesting climbing mechanism in the video below that is really simple but seems effective.

} The GreenHorns Robotics (
declan_freemangleason (
2017-01-08 11:14:20

As for Gears vs. Balls, people seem to think that although gears are the main scoring method having secondary ways to score will make the difference in higher level play.

joncoonan (
2017-01-08 11:16:33

In my research into the drive train, other teams are on the same thinking we are - for gears added maneuverability of mecanum makes a lot of sense.

I also spoke with past drivers for our team and they did have some complaints about mecanum which I will go into today. Coach was right about the speed, 10 ft/s is going to be the max we will go at, however it definitely won’t be a beeline straight to the airship

sholzer (
2017-01-08 11:49:57

Zou Keepers see getting gears as a primary objective because of the amount of points they give, however their gear prototype hasn't made much progress. But, they do have a prototype for a ball shooter that shoots high and fast. They also have a chassi with an H shaped frame so the back and front are open to make picking up ball/gears easy.

connor_weiss (
2017-01-08 11:56:22

Team RI3D has a priority list of a

  1. Climbing
  2. Gears
  3. Scoring fuel They want a hybrid focus on gears and fuel but realize that it might be physically impossible to get all the gears so they wanted to shoot fuel after 3 rotors get started. Climbing is their main focus because it's an indisputable 50pts
jack (
2017-01-08 12:05:58

this isn't related to Ri3D at all, but I just remembered the rules say that the number of gears needed for the last two rotors may change during the season depending on how competitions go.

chrisrin (
2017-01-08 12:10:41

@connor_weiss Agree that their climber at the end of the video seems like the simplest idea I've seen so far. They may find they have to tweak the notch for catching the knot once they test spinning the cylinder & maybe add some sort of guide so the rope doesn't slip sideways, but I think they will be able to make it work.

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