Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan4:59 PM

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Rose Bandrowski
Rose Bandrowski4:59 PM

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Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan4:59 PM

@Jon Coonan set the channel purpose: Discussion of Chairmans award project

Clio Batali
Clio Batali4:59 PM

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Charlotte Larson Freeman
Charlotte Larson Freeman4:59 PM

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Marie Sachs
Marie Sachs4:59 PM

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Luke Frank
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Kevin Hawkins
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Bill Davis
Bill Davis4:59 PM

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Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan5:05 PM

Hey guys ( ),

I made this channel to discuss our Chairmans award project; this is going to be an ongoing project throughout the build season and competition. It involves a lot of work, an essay, a presentation, and a video submission. But most importantly, it needs a theme.

So to decide that theme, I would like to meet with as many of you as possible to decide it. We can use a coffee shop, T&C, Westside, my house, whatever. We can decide over the next few days. But this meeting needs to be within the next week.

Right now, I would say you guys are the writing team, focused on the essay (which comes first, due to the due date being in february). Over time, more will join the channel when we start talking presentation and video, but for now lets focus on the theme and essay.

I will pin a message with a link to what Chairmans is if you forgot (totally understandable, we kinda blazed past it)

So between this sunday (after our normal meeting), Wednesday, and the following Saturday, which day works best for you guys?

Rose Bandrowski
Rose Bandrowski5:07 PM

Probably the following saturday - I need time to get my tutorial done and edited this weekend on top of kickoff

Marie Sachs
Marie Sachs5:08 PM

Weekend are best for me. Also I have an idea

Charlotte Larson Freeman
Charlotte Larson Freeman5:08 PM

Yeah that's better for me as well.

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan5:14 PM

I like ideas

Bill Davis
Bill Davis5:22 PM

I'm OT this coming Sunday thru Tuesday but am available any other time. T & C would work great.

Bill Davis
Bill Davis5:22 PM

Let's go with Marie's idea.

Jim Carr
Jim Carr10:36 AM

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Finn Mander
Finn Mander10:01 PM

Would you like us video makers to be there too?

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan10:14 PM

Yes please!

John Sachs
John Sachs9:01 PM

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Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan5:21 PM

Hey guys, is it ok if we bump up the chairman's meeting this Saturday by 3 hours (so 10am instead of 1pm)

I just found out I have a doctor's appointment at 1 (got moved up from 3) so I wouldn't be able to make it otherwise

Rose Bandrowski
Rose Bandrowski5:22 PM

If you guys still want my opinion on something during the meeting I will be contactable. (is that a word?? Contactable? I think it is. You understand) I'll be gone this whole weekend + monday.

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan5:51 PM

Btw @Finn Mander you don't need to be there if you don't want to, we are just discussing the theme for the essay

Charlotte Larson Freeman
Charlotte Larson Freeman6:24 PM

So at T&C from 10am- when?

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan6:38 PM

10AM-11AM - the purpose is to decide our theme. If we focus it won’t take long

Charlotte Larson Freeman
Charlotte Larson Freeman6:39 PM

Okay. Thanks.

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan8:57 PM


Finn Mander
Finn Mander9:53 PM


Finn Mander
Finn Mander9:54 PM

Oh I just saw your other message. I will sit this one out unless you need me :)

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee10:11 AM

Do we have video from Bima classes that you guys did in dec ?

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan10:14 AM

No parents signed consent forms at the 12/30 event, so we only have a handful of pictures with no faces from that day

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan10:14 AM

I can’t speak for 12/27

Clio Batali
Clio Batali12:10 PM

Same situation for the 27th - a couple, but they aren't great

Charlotte Larson Freeman
Charlotte Larson Freeman1:08 PM

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee8:26 AM

@Jon Coonan: in a brief summary can you share what the chairman theme is ? Thanks

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan8:59 AM

We are using the Spartronics gear to showcase the different aspects of our team and our activities.

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee9:18 AM

Have Phun today . Who went with you ?

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan10:00 AM

Charlotte Chris and Marie ( + bill)

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee7:45 AM

When are you guys sharing with team the chairman theme ?

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan7:47 AM

Within the next week, once we have a concrete essay outline

Binnur Alkazily
Binnur Alkazily1:32 PM

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Finn Mander
Finn Mander7:04 PM

Jon, can I be added to the document?

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan7:04 PM

@Charlotte Larson Freeman can you drop it here so we can all see it?

Charlotte Larson Freeman
Charlotte Larson Freeman7:11 PM

Here it is, still a working progress. (Also it's only the first draft.)

Charlotte Larson Freeman
Charlotte Larson Freeman7:13 PM

Btw, everything that I've done with Chairman's is in the shared Chairman's folder on Google Drive.

Binnur Alkazily
Binnur Alkazily9:28 PM

can you paste a link and make sure mentors can comment?

Charlotte Larson Freeman
Charlotte Larson Freeman9:31 PM


Finn Mander
Finn Mander9:36 PM

Thank you :)

Charlotte Larson Freeman
Charlotte Larson Freeman9:38 AM

You're welcome!

Kevin Hawkins
Kevin Hawkins1:28 PM

For some reason I cannot access the Google doc

Charlotte Larson Freeman
Charlotte Larson Freeman1:28 PM

I'll share it with you.

Kevin Hawkins
Kevin Hawkins1:28 PM

Charlotte Larson Freeman
Charlotte Larson Freeman1:29 PM

I just shared it.

Charlotte Larson Freeman
Charlotte Larson Freeman1:29 PM

Kevin did you get my DM?

Kevin Hawkins
Kevin Hawkins1:29 PM

Just responded – did you give all the mentors access to the doc?

Charlotte Larson Freeman
Charlotte Larson Freeman1:31 PM

I thought I did, but I'll check that now.

Charlotte Larson Freeman
Charlotte Larson Freeman1:31 PM

Just marketing mentors, right?

Charlotte Larson Freeman
Charlotte Larson Freeman9:01 PM

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan9:01 PM

Ready for edits!

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee9:46 AM

I do not have access with my work email account.

Charlotte Larson Freeman
Charlotte Larson Freeman11:58 AM

I'll go fix that.

Charlotte Larson Freeman
Charlotte Larson Freeman12:02 PM

Just gave you access through

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee12:15 PM

Again, the one that Kevin read yesterday is not the current draft.

Finn Mander
Finn Mander12:27 PM

@Jon Coonan @Charlotte Larson Freeman where is the usb drive that I gave you two for chairman's this past weekend?

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan1:02 PM

The judges never gave it back :( I have one I will give you if you need a thumb drive

Finn Mander
Finn Mander9:08 PM

Eeeee. That happened last year as well. Bummer

John Sachs
John Sachs9:13 PM

Shoot - I heard them announcing over the intercom that teams had to go to the main desk to pick them up. Guess we were all busy packing....

Finn Mander
Finn Mander12:35 PM

That's good to know for the future. Thanks! I'll ask FirstWa about it, they may have it still.

John Sachs
John Sachs10:12 PM

Hoping to get a few more students to help out at the Boeing Earth Day at IslandWood this Saturday. It looks good on Chairman's presentations! Shoot me a note if you want to volunteer. Thanks! - John

Rose Bandrowski
Rose Bandrowski10:12 PM

I'd love to go, but unfortunately I have a practice SAT exam that day :disappointed:

Rose Bandrowski
Rose Bandrowski8:54 AM

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Darwin Clark
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Peter Hall
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Chris Mentzer
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Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee5:30 PM

@Jon Coonan I hope we have a plan for Chairman.

Sean Reilly
Sean Reilly9:13 PM

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Kevin Hawkins
Kevin Hawkins5:51 PM

Theme for 2018 based on Dean Kamen’s Call to Action: “Helping FIRST Grow Faster”

Charlotte Larson Freeman
Charlotte Larson Freeman5:39 PM

@Luke Frank How many twitter followers do we have?

Binnur Alkazily
Binnur Alkazily9:43 PM

Our twitter activity is pitiful - unfortunate as we actually have followers ...

Tarkan Al-Kazily
Tarkan Al-Kazily9:41 PM

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Kevin Hawkins
Kevin Hawkins3:19 PM

Where in the world are Spartronics Instagram followers from? All over the world! 55% in the US, but 45% from robotics teams (mostly) in other countries! Source: picalytics.com

Kevin Hawkins
Kevin Hawkins3:22 PM

1. United States: 55.6%
2. Brazil: 11.1%
3. India: 4.4%
4. France: 4.4%
5. Liberia: 2.2%
6. Nicaragua: 2.2%
7. Philippines: 2.2%
8. Switzerland: 2.2%
9. Russian Federation: 2.2%
10. Central African Republic: 2.2%
11. Spain: 2.2%
12. Cameroon: 2.2%
13. Canada: 2.2%
14. Malaysia: 2.2%
15. South Africa: 2.2%

Kevin Hawkins
Kevin Hawkins3:23 PM

Source is picalytics.com

Mark Tarlton
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Cruz Strom
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Declan Freeman-Gleason
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Justice James
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Justice James
Justice James3:53 PM

We're ranked sixth on somebody's Chairman's Power Ratings for Glacier Peak.

Therese10:09 PM

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