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James Slattery
James Slattery9:46 PM

Welcome to slack:
1) Click on Channels, and subscribe to any channels you hold interest in.
2) Make sure to receive full notifications on this Channel.
3) Contact a Slack Admin to be invited to any of the private channels if you are on LT, CPT, or are a Mentor.

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Alex Larson Freeman
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James Slattery
James Slattery12:55 PM

Get the app for your Insert Device Here

Lucas Rininger
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James Sovick
James Sovick5:48 PM

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James Slattery
James Slattery8:14 PM

REMINDER: Leadership meeting this Wednesday from 3 - 4:30 in Room 316.

Jack Chapman
Jack Chapman4:50 PM

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Lia Johansen
Lia Johansen8:14 PM

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Rose Bandrowski
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victoria kleiven
victoria kleiven9:03 AM

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Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan10:35 PM

REMINDER: First meeting this Wednesday from 3 - 4:30 in Room 316. WEAR YOUR SHIRTS

Dana Batali
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Binnur Alkazily
Binnur Alkazily1:49 PM

@James Slattery: thank you!

Michelle Dalton
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Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee11:12 AM

FYI . All team meetings starting 9/28 Wed. will go from 6:15 pm to 8:15 pm. We changed it to accommodate the mentors and their ferry commute.

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Alex Larson Freeman
Alex Larson Freeman4:36 PM

New teaser for the 2017 game! The theme is steampunk this year (my favorite!) http://www.firstinspires.org/2017-frc-teaser

Jeff Dalton
Jeff Dalton1:10 PM

Steamposium at the convention center this weekend http://www.seattle-steamposium.com

Bill Bandrowski
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Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan8:33 PM

Congrats to Clio for making the National Merit semi finalists!

Clio Batali
Clio Batali8:36 PM

And Alex for the National Merit commendation!

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Kevin Hawkins
Kevin Hawkins8:42 AM

Chris Rininger - one of our Marketing Mentors - asked his mom to create a new Standard for us. I just got this post and it is STUNNING! We need to send his mom (grandmother to two of our student members too!) a big thank you note. We should have this by GirlsGen folks and proudly display it in our Robotics Room forever!

Binnur Alkazily
Binnur Alkazily11:06 AM


Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee11:18 PM

A detailed oultine of a 6 week build season.

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee11:18 PM

@Enrique Chee pinned their File to this channel.

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan10:44 AM

Latest attendance survey for the next meeting https://goo.gl/forms/VJ05NNVCxCIvCHLx1

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan10:45 AM

Please complete by Monday at 6 pm

Jon Coonan
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Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan8:43 PM

Hey guys, thanks for joining Slack! Just a friendly reminder when you are setting your profile pics that we want a pic of you! Also if you missed the meeting and don't know what this is email me and I will explain.

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan8:48 PM

Coach also just sent out the two surveys you need to fill out, so get on that!

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Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan2:21 PM

Hey guys, hope you are having a good weekend.

On Tuesday December 27 and Friday December 30, from 11AM to 2PM, Spartronics is hosting some fun workshops for kids at the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art (BIMA). They are super easy and require no mechanical knowledge. If you want to sign up to help out, fill out this form here: https://goo.gl/forms/C1bl5FqRTgX2T8Wq2

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan2:22 PM

We only need 3 or so people per day, but there is a background check form that needs to be filled out by October 31 if you want to participate. The link to the form with instructions is in the form. Let us know if you want to help out ASAP

Noah Martin
Noah Martin8:05 AM

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Tom Wiggin
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Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan9:01 PM

The December 30th BIMA workshop is now full, however there are no takers for the December 27th workshop. Step up and be leaders guys! If you are interested fill out the survey and the attached forms by the end of tomorrow!

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee9:02 PM

If you have not , please include a recent photo of yourself so your teammates and mentors know who you are . Thanks

Chris Mentzer
Chris Mentzer1:40 PM

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Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan4:25 PM

If you are attending the Skunkworks workshop, here is a schedule for the various courses

Brian Hilst
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Mike Rosen
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Conrad Weiss
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Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee9:37 AM

For those at the skunkwork workshop please do not bombard the presenters with an email to request their presentations . I will get all and share with all . FYI we have 21 students and 6 mentors at the skunkwork presentation. Go team !!!

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee1:25 PM

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee1:27 PM

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee1:30 PM

I just shared 2 must read files for programmers and electronic folks that outline the electronic system control that FIRST uses.

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee2:28 PM

Here is the presentation by skunkwork that we modeled last year to help us . Please read and consider .

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan4:32 PM

@Jon Coonan pinned @Enrique Chee’s File to this channel.

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan4:32 PM

@Jon Coonan pinned @Enrique Chee’s File to this channel.

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan4:32 PM

@Jon Coonan pinned @Enrique Chee’s File to this channel.

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan10:12 AM

Yo some of you guys still haven’t joined any other slack channels besides your subteam. And it shouldn’t be that way! Everyone should have an idea of what the other subteams are up to so you can a) stay informed and b) point out to them (kindly) if their idea creates a conflict or issue with your own subteams work.

Here is a list of the slack channels EVERYONE should join:

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan10:17 AM

There are also several optional channels that you should also join just because they are fun or useful:
#random (for random discussions, anything goes but keep in mind Coach Chee is watching so keep it clean. No politics. FRC memes welcome)
#C2CPRJ87M (an RSS feed from the FRC blog, also used for general discussion of the organization, scholarships available from them etc)

#slack_help (this one is really mandatory, if you have ANY questions regarding the usage of slack hit us up here)
Also if you have a complaint or question regarding slack we can’t answer, you can go DM <@assets/img/USLACKBOT> `/feedback [your issue]` to send a message to the devs

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan10:27 AM

If you still don’t know how to join channels, it is easy! Just click the little “+" button in the sidebar at the top right side of the “Channels” section. If you still have trouble hit us up in #slack-help and we can walk you through it. Be sure to click the “Join Channel” button at the bottom once you select if from the channels, otherwise you won’t stay there).

Also you can mute notifications for any channel by going to the channel settings (the gear at the top of the screen on your computer) and choose notification preferences. NEVER mute a channel completely, but you can stop push notifications for anything but mentions of your name. For example, Coach probably just selected that for the #random channel when @Rose Bandrowski and I spent 10 minutes talking about Amstud tutorials.

You should not change the notification settings for your own subteam channel and #announcements just because those are important.

General notice: Coach Chee + all the mentors are in every public channel, so keep that in mind when you post. Just an FYI. If you have something that you wouldn’t want them to see keep it out of Slack

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee3:18 PM

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee3:18 PM

Here is how to size a motor that is from Skunkworks

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee3:25 PM

My bad. I am reposting as a powerpoint file and not a google drive file.

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee3:55 PM

@Enrique Chee pinned their File to this channel.

Finn Mander
Finn Mander7:08 PM

@Finn Mander has joined the channel

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee9:09 AM

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee9:09 AM

@Enrique Chee pinned their File to this channel.

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan9:40 AM

added an integration to this channel:

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan9:41 AM

That above integration is from Google Calendars; there will now be automated postings for team and leadership meetings in this channel 4 hours before the event as a reminder

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan1:26 PM

Survey link for t-shirts & sweatshirts:https://goo.gl/forms/klnGmoigRppT5TZL2

This is only for the style of the shirts / sweatshirts. This is not mandatory but you should complete it if you care what type of t-shirt / sweatshirt we decide to use for the team.

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan1:26 PM

Survey will close at the next meeting, on 11/16

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan10:11 AM

Attendance for 11/16. Please do by Sun. 11/14 6 pm.


Lukas McWilliam
Lukas McWilliam3:20 PM

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Kevin Hawkins
Kevin Hawkins9:20 PM

Party with Kolin and Robby - He folks, Sunday - Nov 20 - at Kolin's house (9223 NE Bluefin Court, at Capstan + High School Rd - 2 blks from BHS) we are hosting a party for ALL SPARTRONICS - student team members and mentors. You can come and go as you please - 3 pm to 8 pm - dinner will be Chicken and Cheese Enchiladas, salad, veggie tray, chips and homemade salsa and guac, etc. Please complete the survey if you plan to come by

Kevin Hawkins
Kevin Hawkins8:43 PM

Text if it's yours and stop by any time to retrieve-

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan4:26 PM

Hey guys! Attendance survey for 11/30 meeting is here: https://goo.gl/forms/y4bp6aYp8oL8Xol13

Please do (students and mentors) attendance survey before Sunday 11/27 6 pm

Happy Thanksgiving from the Captains + Leadership Team

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan5:25 PM


There is an accident on Wyatt Way which will slow you down if you live on the south end, so watch out. Takes a few minutes to get through but it is moving

brian_bonifaci8:42 PM

@brian_bonifaci has joined the channel

Kevin Hawkins
Kevin Hawkins5:01 PM


1. Wear your team shirt - this is a MUST. If you don't have one, borrow one or call/text Kevin at your size.

2. Meet at the High School this Saturday no later than 8:25 am - 8:15 am preferred as we must leave on time for the 8:45 am ferry. We will have 3 vehicles, 4 students each car:

Kevin Hawkins –Blue Honda Pilot - 3 students + Robot
Kyanne Hawkins – Silver Santa Fe - 4 students + Table and Marketing stuff
Michael Rosen – 3-4 students, including Samantha (Katie will be meeting us there, but not sure if she needs a ride back)

3. Please bring a bag lunch or cash for the Pacific Science Center Food Court/Armory - I will bring a case of water - Food options here: http://www.seattlecenter.com/food/

4. Note your assignment below - volunteers for the event assignments are coming

5. Be ready to share the PHUN!

Unified Robotics State Championship Event
Pacific Science Center
Saturday, Dec. 3
10 am – 3 pm

Event: Washington state high schools face off in Special Olympics Unified Robotics Championship Tournament. Unified Robotics brings the sport of robotics to high school students with and without disabilities. Athletes and partners work 1:1 designing, building, and programming robots for a unique game challenge. Over 12 schools will be participating with one, or more, robots in this tournament. Special Olympics promotes acceptance and inclusion in school communities where students are agents of change. Open to the public – come be amazed by seeing first-hand what is possible!

Remember: Our friends at 4911 - Cyberknights at Kings High School - are hosts and founders of Unified Robotics.

Leave High School no later than 8:25 am for 8:45 am Ferry - Try to arrive at 8:15 am
Return on 3:45 pm ferry (if not sold out and we break down in time;
4:40 pm if we miss it)

Two Mentors and a Volunteer driving:

Michael Rosen, Kyanne Hawkins and Kevin Hawkins


Demo Drive Team – 2 shifts:
AM - Clio Batali and James Sovick (10 am – 12:30 pm)
PM - Alex Larson Freeman and Samantha Rosen (12:30 pm to 3:00 pm)

Pit Information Crew:
Jon Coonan
Rose Bandrowski
Jack Chapman

Photographer for social media (use Kevin's phone):
Victoria Kleiven

Volunteers for event - assigned as Queuers
Lucas Nalley
Katie Yoson
Chris Mentzer

Any questions/concerns - just contact me by email, cell or text.

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan5:00 PM


We are dividing you all into 2 groups working in shifts.

Group 1 will arrive at 5:00 PM at Westside and work until 6:30. Group 2 arrives at 6:30 and stays to 8.

Group 1 contains: Jon, Alex LF ( @Alex Larson Freeman ), James Slattery ( @James Slattery ), Jack Stratton ( @Jack Stratton ), Declan ( @Declan Freeman-Gleason ), Victoria ( @victoria kleiven ), Finn ( @Finn Mander ), Samantha Rosen ( @Samantha Rosen ), Michael ( @Michael Nelson ), Rose @Rose Bandrowski ), and Jeremy ( @Jeremy Lipschutz )

Group 2 contains: Clio (@Clio Batali ), Will ( @Will Hobbs ), Lukas N, James Sovick ( @James Sovick ), Chris M ( @Chris Mentzer ), Lia ( @Lia Johansen ), Cruz ( @Cruz Strom ), Parker ( @Parker Hutchinson ), Luke F ( @Luke Frank ) and Timo ( @Timo Lahtinen )


Please arrive on time ready to work and show some spirit! Remember to invite your friends and families to dine at Westside so you can serve them!

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan7:17 AM

Spread the word guys!

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan10:18 PM

Please do attendance survey for Dec. 14th meeting.

Survy is due by Mon. 12/12, 6 pm.


Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee8:15 AM

Hope all is enjoying the morning. WE are still planning to meet at 3 pm to 5 pm to setup for FLL today. HOPE to see those who volunteered. We need your help. Thanks.

Will Hobbs
Will Hobbs5:06 PM

FLL is now starting at 7 am instead of 6:45.

Clio Batali
Clio Batali5:18 PM

Only come at 7 if you are a student volunteering at the event - judges, please come at 7:30. Hope to see you tomorrow!

Clio Batali
Clio Batali5:45 PM

Also, if anyone has a long (really long!) hdmi cable you can spare for tomorrow, please dm me. Thanks!

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee8:09 PM

I found a 15 ft hdmi cable . So no. Need team to bring

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee8:51 PM

Team , Great job today setting up !!! Let's have some Phun tomorrow !!!

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee5:24 PM

Great job everyone !!! What a great team . How you worked today is a great indication of our success this build season .

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan10:54 AM

From Coach:

Happy New Year !!!

I hope all are enjoying the holiday and are well rested for the coming build season.

Please do attendance survey for week starting 1/2/17. Please submit by Mon 1/2/17 6pm.



Clio Batali
Clio Batali6:37 PM

The pre-kickoff game is here! For the manual, video, and everything else we talked about: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1qtfP8ALucY62XwceNpARbNuTaVsiMNzkNWJmHok2c

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan3:30 PM

Please do the following attendance survey. No survey , no dinner !


Please complete by Mon 1/9, 12 pm noon.

Clio Batali
Clio Batali4:40 PM

If you have not yet downloaded the encrypted 2017 game manual, please go here (http://www.firstinspires.org/resource-library/frc/competition-manual-qa-system) and right click on the link to the complete game and season manual pdf. You should be able to save/download the pdf to your computer then. This may or may not work on your mobile device, but please have some way of being able to access the manual at home by Saturday (even better if it can be portable!).

Clio Batali
Clio Batali6:14 PM

Kickoff's right around the corner! Remember to meet at the LGI tomorrow at 7 AM with your robotics shirts/sweatshirts and pajama bottoms for an all-day brainstorming session. Bring your friends and family for the big game reveal... breakfast included!

Kevin Hawkins
Kevin Hawkins7:54 AM

Game video link until posted on YouTube https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BSCSdB1AA-dm85TkplZ1MyM00

Will Hobbs
Will Hobbs7:58 AM

Alex Larson Freeman
Alex Larson Freeman8:07 AM

Youtube Playlist of the new game: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZT9pIgNOV6bpbpEKQBVqIUG09i9Ai3jM

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan9:16 AM

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan9:35 PM

Please do survey below for our new team shirt. Please read survey carefully. Survey is due by Friday 1/13 .



Will Hobbs
Will Hobbs4:58 PM

Here is the link for group 3s presentation

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan7:34 PM

Alex Larson Freeman
Alex Larson Freeman8:24 PM

Clio Batali
Clio Batali8:33 PM

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan12:43 PM


Please do the following survey by Tues. 1/10 3:30 pm that the captains put together regarding strategy.


Alex Larson Freeman
Alex Larson Freeman8:19 PM

The robot design group has completed the "silhouette" of our robot! This includes module descriptions and a chassis. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HjrOu2fVitAbIAdNVmT0B2dOnAs5aWqlQIapvecgtk

Alex Larson Freeman
Alex Larson Freeman8:19 PM

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan5:07 PM

Please do the following attendance survey by Tues. 1/17, 12 noon.


The survey is for the following dates and times.

Wed 1/18, 4-8:15 pm
Fri. 1/20, 4-8:15 pm
Sun. 1/22, 1-5 pm

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan11:15 PM

Hey guys, 2 really quick things here:

1. Slack has added comment threading, which will make discussions much more organized! Just click on the little "Start thread" button when you hover over a post to start one.

2. Tomorrow night at dinner, Tom Tarlton (who works at SpaceX) will be giving a short little Ted Talk style presentation at dinner, so if you have ever wanted to know what its like to work at SpaceX come prepared with questions!

See you guys tomorrow!

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan2:22 PM

Please do the following survey by Thurs. 1/26 noon.


Please note there are some days and time changes. All have been updated on our team website.


Please communicate this to your parents.

1/27 Friday, 1 to 8:15 pm, pizza

1/29 Sun. 1 to 5 pm

2/1 Wed. 4 to 8:15 pm, pizza

2/2 Thurs. 4 to 8:15 pm, (Burritos #3)

2/5 Sun. 10-2 pm (Superbowl)


Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee5:59 PM

Whatever needs to be order ? Please communicate to Robert and captains by Mon. 1/23 evening. Thanks

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee11:32 PM

Team . 2 weeks into the build season . Progress is being made by all . Keep up all the great work and ideas. Good luck with your finals . Those who are sick get well and rested . See you all on Friday . Mentors thanks for all your help !!!

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee9:27 PM

Team, Great job today !!! pulling a 7 hr shift. See you all on Sun. for more phun to be had.

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan9:18 PM

Please do survey for caps ($12) and sweatshirts ($25)


Survey will close Mon 2/6 3 pm.

Money is due by Tues. 2/7 3 pm.

Will Hobbs
Will Hobbs12:45 PM

Please do attendance survey by Mon. 2/6 noon.


Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee10:53 PM

Reminder bring your lunch at our Sun meeting 2/5 from 10 am to 2 pm.

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee9:51 AM

Reminder, if you requested sweatshirts and caps please pay by Wed. 2/8 at our meeting. Checks payable to BHS.

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan3:37 PM

Please do name tag survey (students and mentors) if you are new on the team this year or you lost your nametag last year.

Due Sun 2/12, 12 noon.



Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan6:58 PM

Students and mentors please do attendance survey by Mon. Feb. 13th, 12 noon.


Below is a summary of the build days. We might be adding some extra time and days for programming and electronics.

2/15 Wed. 4 -8:15 pm (dinner provided)

2/17, Fri 3-8:15 pm (dinner provided)

2/19, Sun 1-5 pm

2/20 Mon. 10-6 pm (bring your own lunch)

2/21 Tues. 1-10 pm (party and dinner provided)

Extra time and days if NEEDED.

2/13 Mon. 1:35 - 4:00 pm for electronics and mechanics

2/19, Sun. 9 -1 pm for programmers


Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee2:24 PM

Please view and make sure your subteam will pass inspection in your area.

Clio Batali
Clio Batali1:48 PM

Hey everyone - great job so far, but we’re not done yet. One week to go! Here’s basically what that next week and a half are going to look like (make sure to prepare whatever you can outside of meetings so we can be efficient when working together). Let’s try to hit some stretch goals!

Kevin Hawkins
Kevin Hawkins9:09 AM

A rep from SOFTBANK Robotics is our Ted Talk-type dinner speaker tonight at 6:10 pm. You won't want to miss it!

Terry Shields
Terry Shields7:35 PM

@Terry Shields has joined the channel

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee9:38 PM

Extra team meeting this Sat. 2/18 from 1 pm to 6 pm for programmers and some mechanics and maybe marketing team . Please confirm with your captains and leadership on Fri. If you are attending .

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee1:01 AM

If any one has clay or paydoh, please bring on Sat or Sun to fill gap between launcher and agitator. Steal from your younger sibling !!!

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee1:02 AM

wood filler ?

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee1:22 AM

Please bring wood filler if you have .

Clio Batali
Clio Batali9:07 AM

: Update for anyone meeting today: we will be shifting an hour earlier and then ending promptly at 6pm. Please plan on meeting at 12:00 noon today. Thanks!

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee9:19 AM

If possible.

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee9:19 AM


Binnur Alkazily
Binnur Alkazily11:36 AM

We'll be a bit delayed - need to run an errand first.

Clio Batali
Clio Batali11:39 AM

The doors may continue to be locked until about 12:20. We are heading back from Poulsbo now

Alex Larson Freeman
Alex Larson Freeman6:03 PM

REMINDER: Mechanics are meeting at 9 AM tomorrow! We need to get our modules installed before we give the robot back the programmers at 1 PM. Mechanics will be done at around 6, so bring a lunch! Anyone who plans on staying after then should also be aware that dinner won't be provided. Get some sleep and see you tomorrow!

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee8:22 AM

9 to 1 pm today only for mechanics

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee11:41 PM

Great job and team work the last 3 days, More phun and work to do the next 2 more days !!!

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee12:08 AM

Great job everyone !! One more day left . If we can improve on the gear grabber, we will be highly sought by other teams. 85% accuracy for 10 shots during auto and 75 % accuracy for 30 ball shots. Thank you mentors for all your expertice !!!! Can't wait till Auburn. Lets party Tues night at 6 :00 pm. See you all at 1 pm . Get some rest and sleep.

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee11:17 AM

Everyone !! At 1 pm we need to move the carpet to where the pit is for more space for programmers to test. So, Jon and captains you need to direct where to relocate your pit stuff. Maybe swap the currrent location of the pit with the practice carpet test field.

Binnur Alkazily
Binnur Alkazily12:14 PM

Lockers will thank you :)

Clio Batali
Clio Batali12:18 PM

Hey everyone! We have some very important meetings coming up this week in preparation for the Auburn competition this weekend. Tomorrow right after school: All students must attend in order to be briefed on scouting, need-to-know information about our team and robot, and pit etiquette (about 3-4:30pm). Meanwhile, our gear subsystem group will be unbagging the robot to finish up attaching our new gear grabber. Right after the scouting portion ends, programmers will have access to the second robot for testing. Wednesday right after school (about 3-5): We need to start packing up our spare parts, marketing materials, tools, etc. so that Thursday we can load the trailer (3-4:30)!

Alex Larson Freeman
Alex Larson Freeman11:46 AM

Quick reminder: Everyone needs to be at the meeting from 3-4:30 today to talk about scouting! If you are working on the gear grabber, programming, or marketing then you will be staying later.

Clio Batali
Clio Batali8:53 PM

Here's that scouting presentation from today's meeting - please be sure to check out the information sheets on the last slide, especially if you missed the meeting today. https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1pkGdF4vvQa9COhXwS7qDiBIhCFYkxO8xER1Or0WM

Clio Batali
Clio Batali8:55 PM

Also, if anybody is interested in volunteering for the Blakely Maker Faire next week (the 8th, 6-8pm), please sign up here: http://signupgenius.com/go/30e0c48afa929a3f58-maker

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee11:17 PM

EVERYONE !! Don't forget to wear your team shirt on Friday !!! 3/3 to school !!! Be proud of your team and show your team spirit !! If I see you without your team shirt it reflects poorly on your attitude of the team ! So DON"T forget !!!! I will hunt you all (50) down on Friday at school :slightlysmilingface:

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee11:43 PM

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee11:43 PM

Matches are out in tracker 2017 . Please post website , face book etc .

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee11:45 PM

Clio Batali
Clio Batali4:49 PM

Awards ceremony! Everyone in the stands NOW please!

Binnur Alkazily
Binnur Alkazily5:28 PM

Congrats!!! Everyone worked really hard for this!!

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan6:35 PM

Wear your shirts tomorrow! 1st seeded team, winning alliance captains, and Engineering Inspiration! Wear your shirt with pride! You have earned it.

Kevin Hawkins
Kevin Hawkins11:50 AM

2017 Dance Challenge Video has been posted to YouTube and sent to CyberKnights 4911

Clio Batali
Clio Batali3:57 PM

: Attention all students - this Friday please wear your Spartronics shirt! We want to show our team spirit since we will be demoing HELIOS at the assembly. Show your robot pride!

James Slattery
James Slattery7:42 AM

Reminder to wear your shirts today! :spartronics:

Kevin Hawkins
Kevin Hawkins2:05 PM

Kevin Hawkins
Kevin Hawkins2:06 PM

Kevin Hawkins
Kevin Hawkins2:07 PM

Spartronics in the Bainbridge Reviews and the Islander today!!!!!

Kevin Hawkins
Kevin Hawkins2:07 PM

Clio Batali
Clio Batali8:07 PM

Reminder to all students: we are meeting for open house prep tomorrow right after school (plan on 3-5pm, as well as all of Wednesday after school through the actual open house, 5-7pm plus cleanup). We have a lot to cover, so please be there! If you can't make it, please communicate to your captains and coach!

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan10:24 PM

Hey guys! Tomorrow (or today if you see this in the morning) is Open House, so I got 3 quick things for you all:

1: Click here (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1OJhXnHIVeMorD5IdtbDA94UM4kEPyZQjAxJMgwF6Kig/edit?usp=sharing) to view the master list of open house assignments - if you see your name on that list but are not coming please let me know so I can find someone for your job. If you are coming but do not see your name on that list also let me know so I can find you a job!



Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan10:24 PM

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee8:27 PM

Great job tonight students and mentors . Over 400 people showed up. Get some rest and see you all on Sun from 1 to 6 pm .

Kevin Hawkins
Kevin Hawkins1:46 PM

It's out: Our SUPERSTAR Mentor - Binnur is "Geek of the Week" on GeekWire!


Binnur Alkazily
Binnur Alkazily1:55 PM

team, I am very humbled! thank you!

Kevin Hawkins
Kevin Hawkins1:59 PM

We are very PROUD - and so lucky/blessed to have you!

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee3:15 PM


Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee6:25 PM

Great job today team ! HELIOS is back to usual. Tues 3/21 we are meeting from 3 to 6:30 ish. Programmers will have the robot for 2 hrs and the rest of the team will be packing the trailer. Not everyone will need to stay till 6:30 pm. We also need a new scouting sheet.

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan4:13 PM

Hey all - brief announcement from your head scouts @Ethan Rininger and @Jack Stratton

For Glacier Peak we will be demoing a new method of scouting - instead of messing around with paper sheets we will be using SpeedScout17 (https://itunes.apple.com/US/app/id1207584502?mt=8 and https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=dkt01.speedscout17&hl=en). The base method remains the same - the only difference is instead of sheets we use this.

Data is compiled afterwards at the hotel - the app stores the data on the device it is installed on and can then easily be exported via .csv files and placed into a spreadsheet via a script. Comments are placed in manually based off of a physical comment sheet - the only piece of paper we will use.

This decision was made to save Jack, and Ethan time entering the datat into sheets, as well as providing more reliable data collection.

For any questions hit up #strategy

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee8:51 AM

If you are going to Cheney with mentors or I , please give me check by Mon. 3/27 , 12 noon. Thanks

Alex Larson Freeman
Alex Larson Freeman5:41 PM

We need two volunteers to help out at the safety glasses station tomorrow at 11-12! Please send me a message if you're interested.

Alex Larson Freeman
Alex Larson Freeman7:41 PM

Also: if you want updates from the field team at Glacier Peak, text FRCGPK to 84483!

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan8:25 PM

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan8:26 PM

Match schedule for this weekend

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan8:26 PM

Dana Batali
Dana Batali8:38 PM

Thanks Jon!! - here’s the summary - 12 matches

Qual 4 - ~11:21
Qual 8 - ~11:49
Qual 16 - ~12:45
Qual 24 - ~2:41
Qual 32 - ~ 3:37
Qual 36 - ~4:05
Qual 44 - ~5:21
Qual 54 - ~6:31
Qual 57 - ~6:52

Qual 65 - ~9:21
Qual 73: ~10:44
Qual 77: ~11:12

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan9:04 PM

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan9:27 PM


Will Hobbs
Will Hobbs8:28 PM

please submit your scouting data to jack ASAP

Will Hobbs
Will Hobbs8:29 PM

Jack S

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee5:33 PM

If you signed up to go to Worlds, please read me recent email.

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee8:12 AM

Reminder, Team meeting today. I need as many folks to show up from 3 pm to around 6 pm. We have lots to do !!!!

Dana Batali
Dana Batali9:53 AM

Q2 2:07. Q19 4:06. Q28 5:09

Binnur Alkazily
Binnur Alkazily10:41 AM

@Dana Batali thanks! team, good luck!

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan2:06 PM

If you are going to worlds please meet at Coaches room tomorrow at 1 - 5 PM to pack for worlds

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee4:05 PM

Tomorrow means April 9th

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan2:51 PM

If you are attending worlds and do not have a pair of safety glasses, please come pick some up from Coach on Monday

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan7:15 PM

If you are interested in attending Roboprom at Worlds you need to buy tickets in advance (they cost 30 dollars) from Team 399. Link here http://www.team399.org/roboprom2017/

Also please DM me if you plan to attend so we know how many are going

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee1:45 AM

Reminder : end of the year celebration party on May 20th , Sat. From 4 to 8 pm at Strawberry Hill shelter.

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan10:19 AM

To show team spirit, please wear your 4915 gear to school tomorrow in support of the team leaving for Houston!

Also if you are interested in attending RoboProm at Worlds be sure to buy tickets in advance as they are close to selling out! Link here http://www.team399.org/roboprom2017/ be sure to DM me if you are planning on going

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan10:37 AM

Also remember that if you have scouting assignments for Worlds they are due tomorrow

erindombrowe10:30 AM

@erindombrowe has joined the channel

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee12:24 PM

Hey Spartronics! Congratulations on Worlds and another great season!
BOEING is once again hosting an Earth Day work party at IslandWood this Saturday, April 29th, 9am-12pm, and we would love to have Spartronics help again this year. We’ll be doing some trail maintenance and invasive plant removal to enhance storm water management. You’ll get a free lunch and tee-shirt, plus earn 3 hours of community service (good for NHS)! Please let me know as soon as possible if you are interested in helping out. Thanks! - John Sachs

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee12:25 PM

Please let John Sachs know .

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee12:33 PM

ALERT !!!!

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee12:33 PM

We are changing the end of the year celebration form Sat. May 20 to Sun May 21st.

Same time (4-8 pm) and place .

Sorry for the inconvinence. Something came up on Sat. that I cannot make it.

I hope all can still come.

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee6:55 PM

Reminder: Leadership meeting this Wed. May 3rd from 3 to 4:30 pm. If you wish to be in leadership next year (17-18) please attend this meeting.

Clio Batali
Clio Batali9:27 PM

Hey everybody! This has been such a great season, but next year we want to do even better - to do this, we need everyone’s help. Please take a few minutes to anonymously share your feedback about the year. This means students AND mentors. Please fill out this survey by Wednesday, May 10th so the upcoming leadership team can start planning and putting your thoughts into action. Thanks! https://goo.gl/forms/VvusBHl8Cnxwio0G3

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan8:19 PM

Now that the 2017-18 captains have been chosen, if any mentors wish to be added to the captains slack channel message me and I will add you

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan3:40 PM

For students
If you are interested in helping promote Spartronics to the incoming freshman by representing us this coming Tuesday and Wednesday at break DM me for details. We are looking for 5-6 students

Rose Bandrowski
Rose Bandrowski3:08 PM

I’m looking to see if anyone is interested in doing at internship at foundry10 this summer. It is paid, and we would be working on introducing Synthesis (an Autodesk program) into Virtual Reality. 20 hours a week.
They give priority to group of people working on a project rather than one, so contact me if you are interested. FYI it is in Seattle, so there would be a commute involved (it’s manageable). I'd appreciate a confirmed response by Monday night

Kenneth Wiersema
Kenneth Wiersema2:38 PM

As many of you know, the end of the year party at Strawberry Hill (5/21) is coming up and we hope that all of you can join us to celebrate the achievements of the team this year. The link below is to a SignUpGenius survey for all of you to fill out. Please fill out the survey as soon as possible, so we can plan accordingly (the latest is 5/20, but don't wait that long!). Feel free to invite family members too.
The rest of the details are in the link.


Hope to see you all there!

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan3:14 PM

Quick reminder that if you still have not filled out the survey above for the picnic please do! We need main dishes as a priority

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee8:03 PM

Hey everyone ! Just opened the gift from Sun . Wow and very generous. I will enjoy this summer . Thank you all !!!

Kenneth Wiersema
Kenneth Wiersema7:23 AM

Hey, everyone, despite the season being over, we still have several events we're participating in:
June 3rd- Demonstrating Atlas at KiDiMu
July 1st- Volunteering to help clean up the Rotary Auction (fundraising)
July 4th- Marching in the parade (Everyone in town hopefully should be a part of this)
The BARN summer classes, and if you're doing them what kind of time commitment you're willing to make.
Further details are included in the survey, along with times.


The survey's due 5/29
Hope to see all of you at one event or another!

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee12:42 PM

Reminder: Leadership meeting on Wed 5/31 from 3 to 4:30 pm. We need to pack trailer for summer activites.

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee12:43 PM

Reminder: Those getting credit for robotics , your paper is due Wed. 5/31.

Rose Bandrowski
Rose Bandrowski11:27 AM

To those wishing to participate in the Barn this summer, you must register for it and pay the fee before June 29 online. Currently we only have three members registered, and I know more people intend on participating so sign up! Don't procrastinate, it's a great opportunity. Remember to send Paul an email saying you've signed up.

Rose Bandrowski
Rose Bandrowski11:29 AM

clint6:46 PM

@clint has joined the channel

Rose Bandrowski
Rose Bandrowski10:46 AM

Hey guys, we have two days at BIMA this summer that we're doing a workshop. Friday, July 28, and and Friday, August 25 (both days are 10am to 3pm). We need a few volunteers to attend so send me an email () if you can make both or either days. Thanks.

Kevin Hawkins
Kevin Hawkins7:23 AM

Kudos to everyone who helped out at the Rotary Auction yesterday, with special props to those working in the "Pit" until 6:30 pm last night, completely filling a semi-truck destined for Value Village and not landfill. cruz_strom arrived a little late as he got stuck running an entire department, and despite the 12 hours for more than week working the auction, I think everyone who worked with Cruz yesterday will tell you he probably worked harder than anyone. He stayed in the truck nearly the entire time -- and it was hot! --packing it as tight as possible. In this photo, the truck is only 1/3rd full, stacked with bags of clothes and shoes. We later would add hundreds of pieces of luggage and then boxes and boxes filled to the brim and finally a plethora of children's toys. Not once did any Spartronics teammate complain or gripe or whine. Our two teams only took three 5-minute breaks in 4 1/2 hours. We also dismantled dozens of 8x4 foot tables, removed the metal pipe legs, then carried and stacked them into 3-foot piles of plywood in the hot sun. The other Spartronics team, lead by Spartronics alumni and UW junior Korey Hawkins (your first Rules Master) worked for hours in the Garden Supplies area on cleanup and taking down fences. As a Mentor, I could not have been more proud of every single student. I will find a way to personally say thanks because ALL of you went well above and beyond the call of duty on this volunteer task - and you did it with such class.I know that Bill's team and my team had a blast despite the incredibly hard work. Sorry that you may have only got a single slice of pizza for dinner or no dinner! Rotary will fix that, I was assured - but you should all be very proud of what you did for your community. And just think how many families will benefit from all the things that were in that TRUCK! This is also one for our Chairman's book.

Rose Bandrowski
Rose Bandrowski10:22 PM

Coming up on Wednesday evening is the Women in STEM forum at the Museum of Flight in Seattle. This event is intended for female FRC and FTC team members to come get aquainted with the STEM community in Washington state's aerospace community. It has been organized by one of our FIRST Alumni who is interning at Stratolaunch here in Seattle. This is a great networking opportunity for all of our teams! Register right away at https://goo.gl/forms/gMXrCrUaIQs3PdmU2

Rose Bandrowski
Rose Bandrowski6:52 PM

Any girls planning on being apart of girls generation I would like to meet Friday before or after school (whatever works better for you) to discuss a recruitment plan. Slack me what time works better for you. If you cannot make it, don't worry.

Kenneth Wiersema
Kenneth Wiersema5:31 PM

2018 FRC Teaser: https://www.firstinspires.org/2018-frc-teaser
Things are looking pixelated.

Rose Bandrowski
Rose Bandrowski5:56 PM

For those who can meet tomorrow morning to talk about girls generation recruitment, I'll be in the library at 8:20 before school. If any of the guys want to participate in this, feel free to come.

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee11:37 AM

Reminder. Please do application for robotics if you are planning to be on the team this year. It is required for old and new members. It is due Mon. 9/18. See my website for electronic application.

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee11:45 AM

If you are not planning to do robotics this year 17-18, please let me know so I can remove you from Slack.

Kirsten Martel
Kirsten Martel7:40 AM

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Mark Tarlton
Mark Tarlton7:42 AM

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Randy Groves
Randy Groves8:02 AM

@Randy Groves has joined the channel

Rose Bandrowski
Rose Bandrowski8:14 AM

Reminder for people to wear their shirts and nametags today! (I may be a bit late, my apologies)

Vogl_Madeline9:34 PM

@Vogl_Madeline has joined the channel

Adam Rideout Redeker
Adam Rideout Redeker10:19 PM

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Justice James
Justice James4:27 PM

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Darwin Clark
Darwin Clark4:53 PM

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Ryan Olney
Ryan Olney5:01 PM

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Ulysses Glanzrock
Ulysses Glanzrock6:50 PM

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Austin Smith
Austin Smith8:46 AM

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Willie Barcott
Willie Barcott1:42 PM

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Josh Goguen
Josh Goguen1:39 PM

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Charlie Standridge
Charlie Standridge5:49 PM

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Cory_Houser6:19 PM

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Emma Lahtinen
Emma Lahtinen7:15 PM

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Zak Harmon
Zak Harmon10:34 AM

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Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan8:42 AM

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan8:43 AM

Kevin Hawkins
Kevin Hawkins9:05 AM

Live Twitch link to Post and Share via social media please: https://m.twitch.tv/firstinspires

Peter Streufert
Peter Streufert12:45 PM

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Sean Reilly
Sean Reilly7:42 PM

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Tanner Nalley
Tanner Nalley9:28 AM

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Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan4:42 PM

Hey guys!
If you are interested in coming to the Unified Robotics event, it is this Sunday from 8 AM to 4 PM. The team will be demoing ATLaS and talking to folks as the visit the event. Here is a link to walking directions from the ferry to the Pacific Science center: https://goo.gl/maps/43rxWCZMdQB2

If you would like to attend the full day with us, we will be taking the 7:05 AM ferry. Let me know if you plan to join us on this boat so we can look for you.

If you do show up, please wear a team shirt (if you do not have one but would like to attend, DM me and I will bring one for you)

David Ard
David Ard8:15 PM

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Edgar Flynn
Edgar Flynn8:03 PM

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Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee7:00 PM

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee9:26 AM

Happy thanksgiving to all !!!

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee5:10 PM

Team , Great job today !!! With FLL . Thank you . I would say our success in hosting today is like winning 9 matches out of 12 . :) Can't wait for kick-off. 27 days 13 hrs 53 min 15 sec to go if Peter programmed the clock correctly .

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan2:42 PM

Hey guys,

Hope you all are having a great break so far. Quick announcement from our mentor Chris about the drive station:

Help Wanted! We are in need of additional design ideas for the new driver station. Please join the driver_stations channel & see the pinned items there for more details.

The driver station is one of the most visible things people see at competitions, and it will be a big plus for our team if ours looks and functions great! Please spend a few minutes and send us a sketch (either a picture of a sketch on paper OR an image file of some kind... CAD welcome as well.

The deadline is the end of the calendar year.

Thank you!

Kenneth Wiersema
Kenneth Wiersema1:02 PM

FIRST posted the encrypted game manuals on its website today, so please download the Complete Game and Season Manual.
Those who are assisting with assembling the game elements should download the Team Drawings document as well.
Link to the page on the FIRST website: https://www.firstinspires.org/resource-library/frc/competition-manual-qa-system.
I would strongly suggest that all of you bookmark the page, as access to the Q/A responses and the rule updates will be found there.

Binnur Alkazily
Binnur Alkazily8:05 AM

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee2:20 PM

Homework : Please check Chief Delphi tonight and compare your subteam strategy with other teams.

Grant9:28 PM

@Grant has joined the channel

Kenneth Wiersema
Kenneth Wiersema9:45 PM

Here’s the voting survey for choosing which strategy is going to be used this year.
The survey is due 1/9/18 at 9:00 am, and will be closed by then.
The results will be revealed at the next meeting.

Kenneth Wiersema
Kenneth Wiersema7:10 PM

Results of the strategy vote:
1) Move
2) Pick up cubes from the ground
3) Switch
4) Scale
5) Climbing
6) Feeding the Power Vault
7) Climbing with others

Kenneth Wiersema
Kenneth Wiersema9:34 PM

Here's another resource for information about the game: the Q/A system that FIRST has set up:
Keep in mind, you can read questions there, but all questions that are going to be submitted have to go through the rule master. And please check to make certain your question hasn't been already asked by another team.

Rose Bandrowski
Rose Bandrowski7:00 AM

Hello all! Sorry for this early announcement. Bainbridge Schools Foundation is visiting us tonight at seven, so we want you all to wear your team shirts! They'll be taking some video footage to use at auction as they are one of our largest sponsors.

Binnur Alkazily
Binnur Alkazily1:06 PM

@channel who left the lights on??

Declan Freeman-Gleason
Declan Freeman-Gleason7:05 PM

From @Michelle Dalton:
>>>Interested students apply now. Girls Who Code is a FREE 7-week summer program for girls who will be entering the 11th or 12th grade in the fall to learn computer science, get exposure to tech jobs and join a supportive sisterhood of thousands of girls across the US! It is an introductory computer science course and no previous experience is required. Companies like Adobe, Google, Microsoft and more host and support this program in their Seattle offices.

If someone you know may be interested, please let them know about this amazing opportunity. The application is short and does not require grades or an essay. https://girlswhocode.fluidreview.com Learn more at https://girlswhocode.com/summer-immersion-programs/

Ted Larson Freeman
Ted Larson Freeman1:29 PM

@Ted Larson Freeman has joined the channel

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan4:49 PM

Hey all if you haven’t paid for your extra shirts, sweatshirts and caps yet, you need to pay for them by this Thursday (2/1/18). If you don’t pay then you won’t be getting the extra stuff you ordered. Bring your checks to @Luke Frank

Kenneth Wiersema
Kenneth Wiersema8:43 PM

A brief reminder to all Mechanics/Programming mentors and Mechanic/Programming leads.
There will be a brief meeting at 5:00 in the mechanics room on Saturday (Feb 3 (tomorrow)) ends to communicate progress between subteams.
It is expected to run for 30 minutes after the meeting, but it could run longer.

These meetings will continue on Sundays through the rest of build season to keep people informed. All subteam leads should be at the meeting, but other relevant people are welcome, if they have something important to communicate.

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee11:34 AM

Team meeting from 1:45 to 5 pm on Mon. 2/5. Last minute just added. Please show up only if you need to finish up your project (programming, cadding, various mechanical subsystems, marketing, etc)

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee8:42 AM

When using my school laptops in my room (316), PLEASE DO NOT change the wireless network. Keep on BISD-Microsoft. Thanks

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee8:14 PM

We are opening up the robotics room at 3:15 instead of 4 pm on Wed. 2/7 instead .

Will Hobbs
Will Hobbs9:22 PM

Someone accidentally grabbed Cruz’s jacket with his car keys in it. It is a black neoprene jacket. Please return to Mr. Chee’s classroom tomorrow. Thanks

Will Hobbs
Will Hobbs9:15 PM

FYI mechanics are meeting at 12 tomorrow and programmers at 1

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee9:02 AM

There is power at school and we are still meeting at 10 am today . 2/19

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan3:36 PM

People who have ordered shirts and not yet picked them up or have not yet received their free team shirt come see Luke Frank in the marketing room

Kenneth Wiersema
Kenneth Wiersema7:29 PM

All mechanics and electronics don’t need to show up til 2 pm, unless you’re a captain or have a very specific task to do. Programmers and marketers will still be showing up at 11 as planned.

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee10:29 PM

Great job team !!!!

Declan Freeman-Gleason
Declan Freeman-Gleason6:27 PM

Wednesday's meeting has been changed again, to 4:00-7:30. Key mechanics, programmers, electronics and drive team stay until ~9:00.

Rose Bandrowski
Rose Bandrowski4:37 PM

My dad (@Bill Bandrowski) is driving all day Saturday to the competition this weekend. We have 5 seats available in the car. If your parents don’t want to drive you on Saturday, you can catch a ride with my dad. Contact me to confirm. This is applicable to mentors as well!! Thank you.

Will Hobbs
Will Hobbs9:37 PM

We will be leaving the hotel at 7:30

Rose Bandrowski
Rose Bandrowski9:39 PM

Everyone go towards the stands that are on the right when you enter the venue. Claim a reasonable space for our team hopefully in the front.

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan10:27 PM

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan10:32 PM

Match schedule for Mt. Vernon

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan10:32 PM

Will Hobbs
Will Hobbs7:17 AM

Lunch will be at 12:15. Our last match before lunch is around 11:30. After that match everyone except the 6 main scouters need to go to the commons and get us tables. Mr Chee will also take some students to go pickup lunch.

Will Hobbs
Will Hobbs7:17 AM

Dinner will be at 8 in the convention center across from the hotel

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan7:30 AM

Link for streaming the event: https://www.twitch.tv/firstwablue

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee8:27 PM

Hey everyone,
Great job and I hope everyone had phun this weekend. Thank you mentors !! This team would not be successful without all your effort and help.

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee8:01 PM

Great news . Jack Chapman's dad (Paul Chapman ) will tow our trailer to GP.

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan11:06 AM

Here is a recent article in the BI Review about our upcoming open house: http://www.bainbridgereview.com/news/robotics-open-house-at-bhs-coming-soon/

Be sure to share with friends and family!

Rose Bandrowski
Rose Bandrowski7:05 PM

Okay guys I’m sure you’ve noticed my absence. I’ve come down with mono, and there’s a chance I had it at Mount Vernon and gave it to some people. I want you all to make sure you’re taking care of your health as this is really not something you want. It can be dormant for a while as well, so you may not feel the affects for a good amount of time. Overall, don’t push yourself too hard, stay healthy.

Binnur Alkazily
Binnur Alkazily7:29 PM

:disappointed: sorry to hear that — hope you bounce back quickly

Rose Bandrowski
Rose Bandrowski9:48 PM

Thanks B, imma try my best.

Binnur Alkazily
Binnur Alkazily8:08 AM

from @Mike Rosen (also on the random channel)
This year's batch of scholarship application is due this Friday. I've sat on this committee before, read the applications before and interviewed the candidates before. I'm telling you, if you're reading this you've got a fighting chance at a scholarship. That's doubly true if you're considering NOT going to university straight away but are looking a career or technical -- pay lots of attention to that "Career / Technical Education Scholarship"

The application forms are on the Rotary Web site and are due this Friday. Thinks it's to late and this is too last minute? I've read the applications from the folks before you. I've heard from the committee members this year. You are not too late, right now. But you will be on Saturday.


Please, tag friends here or copy, and forward to friends elsewhere.

And, needless to say, if you've got questions or concerns, feel free to hit me up here or fb or text 206 550 6241.

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee1:15 PM

For Open House, don't forget your team shirt and name tags ! Mentors are welcome to join us at the open house.

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee11:33 PM

Please remember to wear your team gear to school on Friday.

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan8:12 AM

Match schedule for Glacier Peak

Dana Batali
Dana Batali8:33 AM

did you forget to post or just juggling priorities?

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan8:36 AM

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan8:36 AM

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee1:47 PM

Pizza is ready for the mentors and overnighters

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan8:38 PM

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee9:18 AM

Great job team at GP !!!! We did not do as well as we wanted at GP, but we tried our best, had phun, and have enough points for Portland. It won't be official till Sunday night 4/1 Easter.

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee6:11 AM

Required team meeting on Thurs. March 29th (3:15 -4 :00 pm) for those going to Portland and those wishing to attend Worlds .

Kenneth Wiersema
Kenneth Wiersema10:27 AM

As you all probably know, we’ve been working on an upgrade to the harvester/grabber system on the robot from before Glacier Peak and we are now continuing to work on it in hopes of getting it done for Portland.
As of the Monday before Glacier Peak the initial idea put forward by Marc Tarlton was determined to be unusable in the time frame that we had. A group of mechanics met on the Tuesday and Wednesday of that week to try and get the integrated harvester grabber system (HG system) that was initially designed by Paul. We were unable to get the HG system reasonably functional before Glacier Peak, resulting in the slightly modified Harvester/Grabber used at Glacier Peak.

On the Monday after Glacier Peak there was a meeting that determined that we need to produce a different Harvester/Grabber in order to be competitive at Portland and do well enough to get to worlds. We have been looking at other team’s grabbing systems, resulting in the modified form of the HG system that is currently on the intake/grabber channel.

We will be finishing HG system today at a meeting after school, and then using Thursday and Friday for debugging. Unless the HG system is completely unusable at the end of this week, we will be mounting it on the robot at Portland, and taking our chances with it.

However, we will keep the current system together as a back up plan, if we cannot get the HG system to work.

As of Wednesday morning we still have to do:
Mount the Pneumatic cylinder and then create a linkage so that the arms will move together.
Place elastics on the grabber to let the linear actuator rotate the grabber.
Adjust tension on the scissor lift elastics to get the scissor lift to go up with the new load.
Experiment and modify as needed

Set up an extra solenoid (already on the robot) to produce the floating effect

Get the new code set up (Declan placed this as 3 hours, but we can do some testing with the current setup)

We will also be looking to place a camera somewhere on this system, but getting the system fully functional will be the top priority.

We will be meeting after school for the next three days to try and produce a functional HG System, but Friday is our current deadline, as we cannot meet on the weekend (conflicts)

Currently we do not need more people to work on this, but we will be asking for people to show up if we need extra help.

For those going to Portland, we will be giving an update on the meeting Thursday

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee8:57 PM

Congrats team !!!! We are ranked 29 out of 154 teams in the NW. We have officially qualified to the District Championship at Portland. Great job team.

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee6:34 PM

I have some sad news , I just drove by the trailer and the trailer was broken into . The robot and tools are missing . We need to meet asap to figure out what to do .

Kevin Hawkins
Kevin Hawkins7:43 AM

How about some good news? Bainbridge Review published your Captains Letter to the Editor thanking our community for the Open House https://www.bainbridgereview.com/letters/spartronics-grateful-for-community-support-letter-to-the-editor/

Will Hobbs
Will Hobbs9:39 PM

For tomorrow morning everyone is on their own for breakfast. You must be at the event center at 7:45am. If you are going to get breakfast make sure you have a buddy

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee11:25 AM

For those students coming down today from BI, please slack me when you get here so I can give you a wrist band that will allow you to enter the arena with your luggage .

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee12:06 PM

Folks at Portland there is a subway 5 min . From event for lunch .

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee12:28 PM

Change in plan . The 3 cars coming down . Please meet me at hotel at 1 pm .

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan6:16 PM

Dinner tonight is at Liberty Glass

938 North Cook Street

Should be a 20 minute walk

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan8:34 PM

Y’all are on your own for breakfast, meet at the event at 7:45

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee9:40 PM

Voodoo donuts in the lobby tonight . Please pick up .

Dana Batali
Dana Batali10:04 PM

When the donuts (and after Portland) wear off...


Go for it!

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee10:27 PM

Not the best start , but the robot looked promising after our last practice match at 7:45 pm . Let's continue to work hard and do our best . 6 matches on Friday that look promising . Keep scouting team !

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee8:58 AM

In the event of an emergency at District please meet outside where we were hanging out on Wed . Afternoon . For those who were not here please ask someone on the team to show you.

Rose Bandrowski
Rose Bandrowski1:21 PM

For graduating seniors, make sure to put your name and contact in FIRST’s form at the PIT ADMINISTRATION. You will also receive a first alumni patch

Rose Bandrowski
Rose Bandrowski1:38 PM

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan5:57 PM

If you are not not needed in the pit, meet Charlotte at the stands by 6:05 to leave for dinner

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan6:01 PM

Dinner is a the Red Robin by the hotel

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan6:57 PM

For those of you who went with Randy, Chee or Paul, meet at 7:30 at the hotel to load luggage. The rest of you will have to bring it to the event to load

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan9:14 PM

For all of you guys heading back to Bainbridge right now, when you do get back have someone from each car slack Coach you guys made it home safe. Thanks

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee12:27 AM

I hope you all had phun at Portland. We tried our best and gave it our all. You all should be proud of your achievement on the team.

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee12:28 AM

On Mon. 4/9 right after school 1:45 pm we need to unload the trailer. Please swing by for about 15 minutes to help. Thanks

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee12:31 AM

Also please swing by on Mon. so I can return your $600 deposit. A couple of you still need owe me money for Portland. Please give me on Mon.

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee12:47 AM

For those getting credit for robotics, please also give me your engineering book by Thurs 4/12. I have changed the date from 4/9 to 4/12.

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee11:27 AM

Mentors and students,

Please do the following survey that Chris our mentor has put together. It will help us plan and develop classes at BARN that will help our team.



Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee4:36 PM

Just to clarify . Please do survey only if you plan to participate at the Barn this summer .

Binnur Alkazily
Binnur Alkazily8:33 PM

All -- w/ @Kevin Hawkins we are kick starting an effort to update Atlas for events & parades. From schedule wise, it will mostly be done on the weekends from the Al-Kazily home. Goal is to get an updated ATLaS by mid-June, before the July 4th parade . Project plan includes:
migrate code to roborio
bling it up
add a 2nd battery
fix any structural stuff
add redundant sensors for robustness
add safety/convenience features
If you are interested, please join the #atlas-restoration channel. I will be doing a kick-off in the next week or so.

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee8:34 PM

Reminder, Leadership team meeting on Thurs. 4/19 from 3:15 to 4:30 pm. We have lots to do.

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan5:43 PM

Message from @Harper Nalley:

Hello team! We have been invited to volunteer at a work party hosted by Boeing at Islandwood. We will be helping perform trail maintenance on Saturday, the 28th of April from 9:00am to 12:00pm. You will recieve a free lunch, free shirt (yay!), free tour of the site, and earn three hours of community service. On top of that you will be affording yourself an opportunity to meet people at Boeing, make connections, and make yourself known. If you are willing and able, email John Sachs () and C.C. Mr. Chee. Also notify either Kaedric Holt, Chris Mentzer, or myself (Lucas Nalley) over Slack so the three of us can keep track of whose going.

Jon Coonan
Jon Coonan10:30 AM

Small update to the previous message about earth day, the event is next Saturday not Sunday. The message has been edited to reflect that

Rose Bandrowski
Rose Bandrowski9:05 PM

Hey guys! 4911 is hosting a classic rock concert on may 11th as a fundraiser CyberKnights Uganda. They plan to raise enough money to get them a lab! I’ve been informed its not strictly robotics.

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee4:02 PM

Did someone try to log into our Spartronics Gmail account today ? I got for 4 warnings about 4 different devices. Please DM to me about this . Google is asking that I verfiy these log-ins today. Thanks

Chris Mentzer
Chris Mentzer3:40 PM

In regards to the Cyberknights event next Friday May 11, if anyone wants to go let me know. I plan on going and if anyone else would like to go we could collaborate and drive there together.

Kenneth Wiersema
Kenneth Wiersema11:01 PM

Our mentor Chris has been working with BARN to create several classes during the off season, and he's scheduled one on May 21 6-9pm on basic machine practices and layout. This class is for mechanics, or anyone who is interested in becoming a mechanic. The survey contains more information about the class and registering.
The class only has room for ten people, so the first 10 people to complete the survey will take the class. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSedWLGtDQLSnP7B3P8E9-0Wm4eUxX7ucnet16Lk68qxgCS19Q/viewform?usp=sflink
We will contact you later about who's going.
The people at BARN are very excited to be working with us, and are interested in helping us in the future.

Kenneth Wiersema
Kenneth Wiersema10:41 AM

The end of year party is coming up and we hope all of you can make it to our fun retrospective event to celebrate all of the things we did this year, to thank all of the mentors that have helped us along to the season, and send off the current seniors. The party is at Strawberry Hill park on 5/20 from 4-8pm. Similar to how we ran the beginning of the year party at Fay Bainbridge, we need all of you to bring one item of food. Please do this survey linked below to say what you are bring and see what others will be bringing. Please do the survey as soon as possible to let us know ahead of time how many people will be coming. Feel free to invite family members too. We hope to see you all there.
Thank you

Kenneth Wiersema
Kenneth Wiersema7:40 PM

For the BARN workshop I still have 8 open spots for people. The people at BARN are really excited about having us there, so if you’re interested please sign up. The class really does give a clear explanation of how to approach machining and drawing that team really doesn’t do all that well.

Kenneth Wiersema
Kenneth Wiersema8:13 AM

I didn’t make this clear when I made my first announcement, but I want the sign up genius done by 5/16, so everyone has a final count on how many people will be coming to the party. Also mentors don’t have to bring food, but can of course. Please only do one signup per family too please. Thank you and let’s get it filled out.

Binnur Alkazily
Binnur Alkazily9:41 PM

Binnur, could you post to announcements:

At the season celebration today, someone left potato salad in a blue tupperware container. Please PM @Mike Rosen if it was you.

Cruz Strom
Cruz Strom7:13 AM

From Lucas Nalley:
Hello team,
We are volunteering to help set up and take down the rotary auction. You will receive community service hours for your work and (more importantly) you will be supporting our community. The times are: Thursday June 21st 1:00PM-5:00PM, Friday June 22nd 8:00AM-12:00PM, and Saturday June 30th 1:15PM-5:30PM. If you are interested, email me (Lucas Nalley) at and be sure to CC Mr. Chee.
Thank you

Binnur Alkazily
Binnur Alkazily3:01 PM

From @Riyadth Al-Kazily
This weekend (June 23-24) is the annual ARRL Amateur Radio Field Day! Riyadth and friends will be operating from Fay Bainbridge Park on Bainbridge Island (Hillside Picnic Shelter), from 11am to 8pm on Saturday. You are all invited to join us! Learn about Amateur Radio, emergency communications, and try your hand (or voice) at radio communications. Find out more about Field Day here: http://www.arrl.org/field-day

Kenneth Wiersema
Kenneth Wiersema9:22 PM

Could all returning team members wear their shirts to the intro meeting tomorrow. Thanks

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee2:17 PM

Students, Please do your robotics application by Mon. 9/17/18 morning 8:00 am. old and new folks.

Dana Batali
Dana Batali5:04 PM

Teaser tomorrow!

Jack Chapman
Jack Chapman6:58 PM

Please remember to wear your team shirts and name tags for the meeting tomorrow evening

Chris Mentzer
Chris Mentzer1:23 PM

Team members please wear your team shirts and your name tag to the Barbecue tonight. See you all there!

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee4:15 PM

I hope we all had phun yesterday at Girls Gen. Thank you mentors and Binnur for leading the girls team. We placed 18th out of 37 teams after 7 matches . I hope the girls on the team are excited for the coming build season. Students in leadership please post some photos and info. about GG in our social media Facebook , etc . Sponsors and community members love to hear about our events .

Jack Chapman
Jack Chapman7:35 PM

here is the attendance survey for 11/7, please complete by monday https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe0gkajK0yuJRf9bKyskF8Sgo5zlGLxEr8oh7JYnJlh1dM9Rw/viewform?usp=sflink

Jack Chapman
Jack Chapman9:34 PM

Here is a link to the survey for 11/28. Could everyone please complete it by Sunday at 10:00 pm.

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee3:22 PM

From Kevin Hawkin : Tonight's Bond meeting 11/27/18

Our Sponsor Jason Shutt very much wants us to help craft a student created video to be used on social media to support this new bond.

I do not see this as a difficult project, nor does it need to be a time consuming one. I can help limit that.

I REALLY need someone to step up and attend the meeting tonight at OfficeXpats, 2nd level of the movie theater tonight with me. It's just 90 min and I am happy to pick up and drop off it that helps make it happen. I can even limit the time commitment to 1 hour of they have their own transportation.

Meeting time is 6-7:30 pm.

Please respond to Kevin Hawkin in Slack or by email.

Kevin Hawkins
Kevin Hawkins4:12 PM

Lucas Nalley has stepped up So we have a student volunteer for tonight’s meeting. Thank you Lucas!

Jack Chapman
Jack Chapman6:18 PM

Please complete these surveys as soon as possible.
This survey is for our team meeting on December 12th. Due December 9th
This survey is for FLL (December 7/8), Due December 5th
Jack Chapman

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee6:35 PM

Great job setting up today !!! Won't need to show up till 7 pm.

Chris Mentzer
Chris Mentzer6:39 PM

Students participating in FLL tomorrow, please wear your team shirt and name tags. If you are driving please park in the Masonic lodge parking lot or the pit to keep parking open for the FLL teams and spectators. See y’all tomorrow, be excited it’s gonna be super phun!!!

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee6:49 PM

I meant 7 am ! Sat !

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee6:49 PM

Phun ! Yes !

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee9:44 PM

Team , great job today ! Thank you all ! Can't wait till kickoff!!

Chris Mentzer
Chris Mentzer5:21 PM

A message from @Terry Shields about the FLL event yesterday!

I just want thank the entire SPARTRONICS team for putting on a wonderful FLL tournament yesterday. My team parents really appreciated the personal touches like escorting the teams to and from their judging rooms, answering questions, and showing general interest in how the kiddos were doing. You kept the tournament on schedule and made the entire day a learning experience for all.

It was interesting to witness SPARTRONICS from the outside for a day. And you know what? It’s just like the way I view SPARTRONICS when I’m on the inside - a dedicated group of individuals who think, anticipate and work as a team. I couldn’t have been more proud to say I’m a small part of this group.

And yes, that was my wife wearing the spacesuit and helmet all day long. I think we got ourselves a prop for our upcoming FRC tournaments!

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee11:42 AM

Happy Holiday Team !!! See you at our 1st meeting for the year 2019 on Wed. 1/2/19. Survey will be going out soon from your captains.

Declan Freeman-Gleason
Declan Freeman-Gleason10:14 AM

Hi team! We're looking for a one or two people to volunteer at the BIMA Art in Action workshops during the break. We're doing soft circuits (setting up circuits with LEDs, watch batteries, and conductive tape) one day and kinetic sculptures the other day (make things that move with small gears). It's a great way for the team to do community outreach (and we get BIMA as a sponsor). No previous experience (or subteam affiliation) is needed.

Send me a direct message if you can come on December 21st from 10am—3pm, or December 28th 10am—3pm. Thanks!

Chris Mentzer
Chris Mentzer4:30 PM

Hey team! On kickoff, myself, @Kevin Hawkins and one new freshman or sophomore will be going to Mountlake Terrace for their kickoff, we will then pick up the kit of parts and get back home to join the team for the rest of kickoff. If any freshman or new sophomores are interested in joining us please dm me as soon as you can. Thanks everyone!

Declan Freeman-Gleason
Declan Freeman-Gleason7:13 PM

Hello !

In the next two meetings we're going to practice our plans for kickoff (and the days that follow) using a past FRC game. We call this a mock kickoff.

To prepare, you should review a couple of game animations (linked below), and this high-level flow: https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1jhNLNq6aL0sS4i5NMnSsRsU4gWYrVanQ-GiwjgdLCQ/edit

That flow details the plan we will follow the week of the kickoff. For the mock kickoff, we will follow a stripped-down version of the first two days of that flow.

Other than the above link, also be sure to watch these three past FRC game animations:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZbdwYiCY74 (2018)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMiNmJW7enI (2017)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VqOKzoHJDjA (2016)

Finally, here are your group assignments for kickoff and mock kickoff:

Kenneth Wiersema
Kenneth Wiersema5:50 PM

The encrypted game manual has been released. Please download on a device that you will bring to kickoff so that we can be ready to go when the encryption code has been released https://www.firstinspires.org/resource-library/frc/competition-manual-qa-system Rules updates will be posted on the resource page as well.

Jack Chapman
Jack Chapman11:24 PM

Hey everyone, could you please fill out this survey for week 1 due Monday the 7th, at 9:00 am?
Reminder: if you don't fill the survey out, you will not get our food on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday

Jack Chapman
Jack Chapman9:12 PM

Please remember to bring lunch and wear your team shirt (if you have one) to kickoff

Kevin Hawkins
Kevin Hawkins7:29 AM

Live from Mountlake Terrace

Binnur Alkazily
Binnur Alkazily8:16 AM

Rules code: $Robots&in#SPACE!!

Kevin Hawkins
Kevin Hawkins9:08 AM

We have the KoP’ Heading to the ferry

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee4:18 PM

Team , Great job today ! Get some rest, surf chief Delphi and see you all at 1 tomorrow.

Kenneth Wiersema
Kenneth Wiersema8:51 PM

Here’s the survey for saying which archetype presented at the meeting today you’ll be interested in expanding and developing.
We’ll be looking to place you as close as we can to the group you’re interested in, however we might need to place some people other places to get an even person allocation across the groups.
The survey is due at 8:00 pm on 1/7 Monday.
If you don’t fill this out we will place you where ever we need.
The survey should tell you everything you need to know

Thank you

Cruz Strom
Cruz Strom4:07 PM

The team meeting is still happening. The power is back on at the high school.

Jack Chapman
Jack Chapman3:45 PM

Hello everyone, sorry this is so late but I have the attendance survey for week 2 here. Could everyone please complete this by Saturday, the 12 at 10:00 pm?

Kenneth Wiersema
Kenneth Wiersema7:49 PM

Here's the survey to gauge interest on what the team is thinking on the archetype-but keep in mind that is directly informing the final decision. https://goo.gl/forms/sQsnIk0O2MKPOZEF3

Jack Chapman
Jack Chapman4:59 PM

The meeting on Friday, 1/18/2019 has been shortened by an hour, the new starting time is 2:00 pm, and the meeting still ends at 8:30 pm. There will be a leadership meeting from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm.

Here is the link to the attendance survey for week 3. Pleases fill it out by Saturday, 10:00 pm.

Chris Mentzer
Chris Mentzer2:41 PM

Hey Everyone, I've got two surveys for you!
The first one is for jackets and hoodies. Please complete by THIS Wednesday, January 23rd, 3:00 pm! Spartronics Hoodies and Jackets are $20 each. Payment must be made via a check
(made out to BHS) given to Chris M., Darwin, or Justice no later than
January 30th.


The second survey is for t-shirts and caps. Please complete by THIS Friday, January 25, 3:00 pm! Your first Team shirt is FREE. Each additional Team Shirt is $12 each. Caps are $15 each. Payment must be made by check, made out to BHS. Checks may be given to Chris M., Darwin, or Justice no later than Wednesday, January 30. No money, no extra shirts!!


Kevin Hawkins
Kevin Hawkins8:19 PM

Team Badge for 2019 - And the winner is...

Kevin Hawkins
Kevin Hawkins8:20 PM

Dana Batali
Dana Batali10:56 AM

:thumbsup: - does this choice imply that we'll need new badges for all this year? (as compared to just newcomers and people-who-always-lose-theirs)

Jack Chapman
Jack Chapman7:02 AM

Hey everyone, sorry for the short notice but could you please complete this survey by Sunday, 10:00 pm?

Jack Chapman

Jack Chapman
Jack Chapman3:47 PM

Hi all,
I wanted to let you know that we are changing the meeting time on Friday (2/1) from 4:30 pm to 3:10pm. I also have the survey fro week 5, which is due this Saturday (1/2), at 10:00 pm.
Link to survey:

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee6:02 PM

Team let's keeping working hard !!! 2 more weeks on the home stretch. Thank you mentors !!!!!!!

Jack Chapman
Jack Chapman4:40 PM

Hey everyone,
If the schools close tomorrow (looking more and more likely) we will not be meeting on the Monday (2.4.19), but instead on Tuesday (2.5.19) from 3:15-8:30 pm, dinner provided. If the schools are open tomorrow, we will meet on Monday (2.4.19), from 2:00-6:00 pm, no dinner provided.
Jack Chapman

Cruz Strom
Cruz Strom1:08 PM

There will be a team meeting directly after school today from 3:15-8:30, February 5. Dinner will be provided.

Jack Chapman
Jack Chapman4:53 PM

Hey everyone,
The meetings tomorrow and on Sunday have been canceled. More weather cancellations are possible, so please read slack/email and keep updated.

The week 6 attendance survey can be found under this link https://goo.gl/forms/Xoqw9rpatUilOziQ2
please fill out by Sunday, 2/9.

Jack Chapman
Jack Chapman2:00 PM

Hey everyone,
Due to weather conditions the meeting today has been cancelled. The schedule for the rest of build season is:

Wed 2/13 (leadership meeting 3:15-4pm) 4:00-8:30 pm team meeting w/dinner

Thurs. 2/14 3:15-8:30 pm w/diner

Friday 2/15 3:15-8:30pm w/dinner

Sat. 2/16 9-6pm (bring your own lunch)

Sun 2/17 9:30-5pm (team photos at 12 pm , bring your own lunch) (5-5:30 pm debrief meeting with leadership and mentors)

Mon. 2/18 1-9 pm w/dinner

Tues. 2/19 1-9 pm (bag day with dinner)

Declan Freeman-Gleason
Declan Freeman-Gleason1:18 PM

Week 0 scrimmage in Corvallis: https://twitch.tv/firstwared1

Jack Chapman
Jack Chapman11:09 PM

Hey everyone,
I hope you had a phun build season, and I wish you all a great rest of the break. The captains and I are going to be meeting later this week to discuss how build season went, and we would love to get your input too. Please fill out this form by Saturday morning at the latest, but I will not be closing the form if you want to submit feedback later. This form is anonymous, and we will not try to figure out who you are (we wont even speculate), so please give true and useful feedback. We are collecting experience/grade level/sub team data to help us sort through all of our data.

here is the survey

Jack Chapman

Jack Chapman
Jack Chapman8:42 AM

FYI we are meeting today, Monday the 25th from 2-6 pm

Chris Mentzer
Chris Mentzer10:34 AM

As I mentioned in our team meeting last week, today (Feb 26) at City Hall at 6pm, the mayor is issuing a proclamation declaring March 2019 as Bainbridge Island Girl Up (BIGU) Club month. BIGU was founded by Merrill Keating (mechanics) last December, and Violet will be joining her to speak on the record for up to 3 minutes regarding the value of STEM education, her participation in Spartronics, and how it ties in with Girl Up's goal of STEM for Social Good. All girls on the team are encouraged to do the same, and any Spartronics member who wants to show up in support is welcome to do so. Make sure you wear your blue t-shirts

Jack Chapman
Jack Chapman6:36 PM

Hey everyone,
I have the attendance survey for this week and next week. Please fill it out by Thursday, at 10:00 pm.

Not included on the survey is the meeting tomorrow, Wednesday 2/27/18 from 4:30-8:30 pm

Chris Mentzer
Chris Mentzer7:41 AM

Reminder team, please wear your BLUE shirts today and your name tags if you have one. BKAT is coming today so we need to look good as a team!

Cruz Strom
Cruz Strom8:14 PM

Hello Team, please make sure to be at the team meeting on Wednesday 3/6 at 4:00. We will be talking to you about scouting and how competitions work. At 5:00, we will be done with the full team meeting. If you are leadership or have been specifically asked to stay, please stay.
Thank you,

Chris Mentzer
Chris Mentzer8:19 PM

here is the scouting app, please download it if you will be at Auburn! Also remember to wear your shirt! Get excited this weekend is gonna be super fun!!! https://tinyurl.com/DeepSpaceScouting

Declan Freeman-Gleason
Declan Freeman-Gleason7:32 PM

Remember to download the scouting app (linked above by Chris) and charge your phone for tomorrow!

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee10:35 PM

Match schedule

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee1:06 PM

Lunch is here for folks staying overnight with me

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee8:06 PM

I hope all had phun this weekend . Thank you mentors !!!

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee8:07 PM

Students see you on Tues after school to prep for open house . Get some rest !

Jack Chapman
Jack Chapman8:18 PM

There is a black acrtic zone lunchbox found in Paul Chapman's car. If this is yours, please dm me.

Jack Chapman
Jack Chapman9:54 PM

A quick reminder- if you are going to attend the open house, could you please wear your blue team shirt and nametag

Jack Chapman
Jack Chapman12:16 PM

Hi everyone,
Could you please fill out this survey by Saturday, the 16th at 10:00 pm?
Jack Chapman

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee10:03 PM

We are 1st match Sat. 11am

Jack Chapman
Jack Chapman5:39 PM

Here is this week's attendance survey, please complete by wednseday, the 17th 8:00 am


Chris Mentzer
Chris Mentzer10:49 AM

Hey everyone, after school today we are going to be doing a sponsor thank you walkabout. If you would like to come please let me know and I can provide transportation

Cruz Strom
Cruz Strom8:54 PM

I would like to remind everyone that if you are interested in volunteering for the PNW District Championship or carpooling up there, please read the email sent by myself last night. The deadline for the carpooling survey is tomorrow, Friday March 29th at midnight.

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee10:22 AM

If you volunteered and it says full, I was just told you can show up in the morning around 9 am or afternoon after lunch each day (starting Thurs) and report to the admin table and offer to volunteer .

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee4:14 PM

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee4:14 PM

Above is schedule for Tacoma

Kenneth Wiersema
Kenneth Wiersema5:37 PM

People need to return their safety glasses from Competition, we are missing about 20 safety glasses

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee12:02 PM

I hope all had phun at Tacoma this past week. Our next team meeting is this Wed 4/10 from 6:30 to 8:30 pm. Leadership team will conduct a debrief meeting with mentors and the entire team.

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee1:25 PM

Due to many absents tonight, we are cancelling our meeting tonight 4/10 and rescheduling our team meeting for next Wed. April 17th from 6:30 to 8:30 pm. Leadership meeting will be from 5pm to 6:30 pm on that same day. Dinner will be provided for leadership team and mentors.

Declan Freeman-Gleason
Declan Freeman-Gleason6:49 PM

Trello link:

Jack Chapman
Jack Chapman8:27 PM

Hi everyone,

Please fill out this survey to give us feedback on how we can improve the debrief process for next year. If you had comments on one of the topics that the team never got to hear about, there is a spot in this survey where you should put them in.


Cruz Strom
Cruz Strom8:28 AM

Hello Team, please make sure to return all pairs of team safety glasses during the next meeting. Many pairs were not returned after competition. Thanks

Chris Mentzer
Chris Mentzer12:22 PM

Hey everyone,
This Saturday, May 11, Sequim Robotics Federation is having a parade and they invited us to participate with them. We will be leaving from BHS around 9 o'clock and then returning hopefully sometime around 4 o'clock depending on the parade.
Please fill out the survey if you would like to go and if you can drive other people.
This survey is due Thursday, May 9 at 3 PM.

Justice James
Justice James8:09 PM

Hello everybody,
Please fill out this attendance survey for the next two team meetings on May 22 and 29.
This survey is due end-of-day Saturday.

Justice James
Justice James3:20 PM

Hey everybody,
We have a last-minute time change. Due to NHS having one of their mandatory meetings on Wednesday, May 29th, we are pushing back our meeting that day to Thursday, May 30th. I've got a new survey for everyone.
If you already filled out the above survey, please still fill out this one.
If you haven't filled out either survey yet, please fill out both.

Kevin Hawkins
Kevin Hawkins8:07 AM

Rotary Auction - Clean up team(s) wanted for July 6. 4 students and 1 adult (18 years or older) needed per team. Rotary gave us our trailer and we want to apply for a grant for something major for our new robotics room in the new building! This is a 4-hour shift and Rotary pays our team $36 for each youth completing the shift. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, here is 1,000 reasons to go and have fun with Rotary Auction mega-volunteer and your Co-Captain Cruz! We had 3 clean up teams 2 years ago and we got to throw bags of clothes when we were loading in the truck to/at Cruz!

Kevin Hawkins
Kevin Hawkins8:08 AM

Let @Chris Mentzer know of your interest!

Chris Mentzer
Chris Mentzer10:16 AM

Hey everyone, there are still two LEGO kits out, if you have one of them contact me about it. Thanks everyone.

As far as Parade and Booth details look out for an email from me later today.

Chris Mentzer
Chris Mentzer9:57 PM

Our booth will be in the T&C parking lot by the post office

Chris Mentzer
Chris Mentzer11:57 AM

If anyone lost a UW hat at the booth yesterday DM me, I have it and can try to get it back to you

Chris Mentzer
Chris Mentzer9:37 PM

Hey everyone, please complete this survey by Monday 8/12

Justice James
Justice James9:17 PM

Hey everybody,
This Wednesday (September 11) is our first team meeting of the season. We'll be meeting directly after school to welcome new members and go over the preseason schedule.
All returning students, please wear your shirts and bring your name tags.

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee10:59 PM

To clarify , this meeting is not for mentors , but mentors are always welcome .

Chris Mentzer
Chris Mentzer3:37 PM

students you MUST complete the survey. It is late already. Complete it by midnight tonight at the absolute latest. This includes captains.

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee2:51 PM

Leadership starts at 5 pm today .

Chris Mentzer
Chris Mentzer10:40 AM

please wear your shirts (blue or black) and nametags to the barbecue tonight

Justice James
Justice James8:20 AM

Hey everybody,
We've got our third full-team meeting this upcoming Wednesday. Please fill out this attendance survey by Monday to let us know if you can make it.

Binnur Alkazily
Binnur Alkazily9:05 AM

Binnur Alkazily
Binnur Alkazily9:05 AM

Girls Gen schedule^^^

Chris Mentzer
Chris Mentzer12:50 PM

4915 girls gen team was picked for the elimination matches at girls gen!!!!

Live stream link:

Justice James
Justice James4:41 PM

Hey everybody,
We've got our fourth full-team meeting this upcoming Wednesday. Please fill out this attendance survey by Monday to let us know if you can make it.

Chris Mentzer
Chris Mentzer3:31 PM

added an integration to this channel:

Chris Mentzer
Chris Mentzer3:31 PM

removed an integration from this channel: Robotics

Justice James
Justice James12:07 PM

Hey everybody,
We've got our fifth full-team meeting this upcoming Wednesday. Please fill out this attendance survey by Monday to let us know if you can make it.

Justice James
Justice James7:21 PM

Hey everybody,
We've got our sixth full-team meeting this upcoming Wednesday. Please fill out this attendance survey by Monday to let us know if you can make it.

Declan Freeman-Gleason
Declan Freeman-Gleason7:33 PM

The CyberKnights (4911) are hosting some workshops next Saturday (the 23rd). The workshops run in repeating 1-hour or 30 minute blocks from 12-5 pm. There are lots of workshops in different areas, including (but not limited to):

1. A Deep Dive into the New WPILib Trajectory Generator (my presentation)
2. Applying Stress, Strain, and other Math to FRC Design
3. Swerve Drive (with 2910)
4. Scouting (with 3663)
5. 2020 WPILib Beta Testing
If you want to attend this unofficial event, you must fill out this form (https://forms.gle/BUsoF6xN5rrodjrWA). Interested students and mentors must fill out the form on or before Wednesday, November 20, 2019. Check-in is at 11:30 AM at 19303 Freemont Ave. N. Shoreline, WA. You must get your own transportation.

Chris Mentzer
Chris Mentzer12:08 PM

Hey everyone,
We have our second sponsor walkabout on Monday 11/25 at 2:30, we will be meeting at T&C, if you wanna join us please fill out this survey to let us know who is going! Please fill this out by Monday morning.

Justice James
Justice James10:45 AM

Hey everybody, just a reminder that we don't have any meetings today.
Have a happy Thanksgiving!

Justice James
Justice James6:51 AM

Our seventh full-team meeting is this Wednesday. Please fill out this survey by Monday to let us know if you can make it.

Justice James
Justice James6:53 AM

Additionally, we have a meeting this Friday (Dec. 6) to prepare for FLL, and the FLL competition itself Saturday (Dec. 7). If you haven't already filled out the survey for those, please do so by Monday. Only students need to complete this.

Enrique Chee
Enrique Chee5:14 PM

Great job today ! Great team work !! Thank you students and mentors !!! I hope all had phun !

Chris Mentzer
Chris Mentzer8:17 PM

Hey everyone,
Thanks to @Merrill Keating and Bainbridge Island Girl Up we have a special opportunity for all of you.
This Wednesday, December 11, the United Nations will be coming to a leadership team meeting and doing a presentation on STEM for social good. This presentation is coming from the Girl Up United Nations Team, and even though it is the Girl Up team, this is open to EVERYONE.
The presentation will be taking place at 5 pm on Wednesday and going to take about 45 minutes. It would be great if you can show up because this is a wonderful opportunity not only for the team but for each of you as individuals.
If you cannot make it no worries, but if you can that's great and please show up on time at 5 pm on Wednesday, and if you have a team shirt please wear it.

Chris Mentzer
Chris Mentzer12:10 PM

Reminder to everyone to please do your strategy team interest survey by tomorrow at 9 PM!

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disabled an integration in this channel: Robotics