CHAOS (2019)

Meet CHAOS: Our 2019 Robot

Cargo Hatch-panel Ascending Operational System


Intake Mechanism

FAQs about CHAOS

What can CHAOS do?

What’s the coolest part of CHAOS?

The four-piston climbing system is extremely cool, as can be seen in the video on this page.

How did CHAOS get its name?

Since our first robot - ATLaS - Spartronics (a derivative of Spartans or Sparta, from ancient Greece) decided to relate our robot to Greek Mythology and name our robots after a Greek deity.

Chaos is the Greek word for the primordial cosmos. With the theme of this year’s game being space exploration, we thought that a space-themed name was appropriate. This name also happens to refer to how we did this season.

Each robot name is also an acronym, based on the robot’s unique capabilities or features: